Green Bridge on FHL closed for repairs, 8/27/18

This is the bridge: (Photo by Anneliese Agren)


I contacted FHL regarding repairs, and was informed that they have no specific date (nor even time frame) for the repair of this bridge. There is no promise or guarantee it will be repaired in time for winter rains. In the mean time, civilians are allowed to use the low water crossing next to it. Of course, if the bridge is not repaired before the rains come, then later in the winter, the low water crossing may become impassable, as it has before.

Mary and I were remembering just the other day a high school field trip in 1995, when the Carmel River Bridge went out, this bridge went out, and Highway One at Soda Springs went out and we were stuck in San Simeon, until Cal Trans could “punch us through” at Soda Springs. I will be keeping my eye on this bridge repair and let you know what I learn.

Fire on FHL – Bull Rock

5:20 pm – Far enough away that it should have no impact on Jolon, Mission or Nacimiento commutes.

4:20 pm – here is a general map, I believe it is in the red restricted area, between Gabilan Rd. And Mesa Coyote.


FHL, CALFIRE and Los Padres National Forest firefighters on scene. Expect fire to be about 1,000 acres and contained early evening. No immediate danger to surrounding civilian community.

Here is a weather report and map to give some idea where it is – which is south end of base:

Coleman Fire on FHL

7:30 pm – Evacuations have begun for Pine Canyon(just south of King City). There are massive orders in the works right now. “The fire is well established in to Reliz Canyon, has burned in to the Ventana Wilderness on the LPF, and is threatening Pine Canyon. The majority of the resources are focusing on structure protection and are not really engaging on the wilderness portion yet.”

From Monterey Fire Service;

“This fire, the “Coleman Fire,” being near Coleman Reservoir, in Fort Hunter Liggett, began today at about 1500 hours and is in the northern Fort Hunter Liggett, Los Padres Forest area. The photo was taken from Highway 146 southeast of Soledad at about 1615 hours.

At 1830 hours, a local government Type 3 strike team, Strike Team 2175 C, was requested for an immediate need to the fire. The strike team includes Salinas, North County, POM FD, Monterey County Regional, and Marina FD, with Strike Team Leader 5301 from Salinas FD.

At 1835 hours, a second immediate need type 3 strike team, Strike Team 2176 C was requested by the U.S. Forest Service to the same fire. The strike team includes Monterey FD, Seaside FD, Salinas FD, and Monterey County Regional FD with the Strike Team Leader Chief 6202 from Seaside FD.

Also, the southwest portions of Reliz Canyon Road and Pine Canyon Road may be impacted by the fire. The fire is nearing 2000 acres with 0% containment. Structures are threatened.”

View of the Coleman Fire from Cahoon Summit, CV by Craig Matthews

image6:30 pm – still trying to get details, but at least 8 tankers on this, and MoCo did a large call out of all available units.

4:30 pm – fire making a run, up to 2,ooo acres, due East of Junipero Serra Peak. Six tankers and 2 Helios working out of Paso on it so far. I’ll keep posting every hour for a while. Next post around 5:30 pm.

Default CA-FHL-Coleman
Location: Coleman Canyon area of FHL, Lat and Lon from AA: 36.113 x 121.289
Acres: 40
ROS: Rapid
ROC: initially 3 acres at the toe of a slope, fire grew to 40 acres with long range spotting in grass and brush.
Structures: are not currently threatened
Special Hazards:
Resources: BC12LPF CRW3LPF DIV1LPF E15LPF 4X4 E18LPF E319LPF E335LPF E338LPF4X4 HEL527LPF PAT17LPF Q PAT41ALPF WT3LPF, 6 Air Tankers on order and 2 Copters.
Photo above is from Brian Mack.

Fire currently up to 2000 acres, in no time. Firefighters on the scene say it is running! Firefighters familiar with this area say this is nasty country and they expect it to go extended and anticipate 20,000 acres.



Stoney Fire, 6/4/16

Here is another shot of the fire from Geri Kavanagh-Baird from 8 pm last night. Looks like they are getting a handle on it. The photo is so dramatic due to the setting sun and the smoke it is filtered through. Fires do make for some awesome photos. Unless something untoward happens, this will be my last post on this fire.



Stoney Fire, 6/3/16

3:00 pm – Strike Team SBC 1538C plus E 312, 318,323,332,351, plus battalion 513 assigned to Stoney. KRN ST reassigned from Chimney to Stoney.

1:00 pm – Per South Ops, the fire is 250 acres and 15% contained. Moderate ROS. Planned burning ops for today will cause acreage to increase to about 3800 acres.

8:30 am – Intel: “What I do know is they were attempting to get dozer line around, indirect, and then to fire it out. If that was/is successful, it would be approximately 5,000 acres. If the weather does what it is predicted to do today, that should be a very challenging line to hold. The ignition probability is about 100% out there right now. Anyway, that was the word I got”

Photos of Stoney Fire at mouth of Wizard Gulch taken last night by Geri Kavanagh-Baird


As of 4:30 am the fire has grown to 500 acres.

“Updated spot for Friday. Estimated acreage around 500 acres. Very hot and dry.…60603.STONY.01

In addition to Fort Hunter Liggett RAWS this nearby weather station is likely more representative of the weather on the fire.…HPEC1&time=GMT

Last MODIS heat images are from about 10 pm, overnight heat signature has cooled considerably. Will see how it behaves with another day of 100 plus heat and single digit RH.”

Wildfires, 6/2/16

We have two happening, and one seems to be getting some legs – that is the Stoney Fire in FHL. One firefighter had this to say:

“Apparently, this fire is running up to Wizard Peak. It is definitely heading toward the LP and the initial crews on scene have pulled back due to intensity.” 6 Tankers are on this and 3 heliocopters, and strike teams have been ordered. It was 40 acres at start, don’t know what it is now.

The second one is a grass fire up at Highway One and Highway 156. I’ll be watching both, but my interest will be in the Stoney Fire. I can already see smoke haze on the horizon over the ocean. Heads up, all.

Peanut Wildfire update

As of 9:00 am, Per FHL FD, the Peanut Fire is OUT. The young man had no information about whether the N-F Rd was open or closed at this time.

Reporter comment – there is still residual smoke in the area, but very foggy on the coast, so most people won’t notice.

Stoney Valley Wildfire (Peanut Wildfire)

Yesterday, I was busy, but I kept noticing what I thought might be smoke, and then last night, I thought I smelled it. I convinced myself it was really just clouds and fog, and the smell was my imagination. Then, this morning, at 2:30 am, I found myself awake, and listening to several very low flying planes, and so began to check my usual internet sites. Bingo. From yesterday: (don’t know that planes are connected, but at least they got me looking.)

“06/11/2015 12:16 FHL-1570

PF (1502)

P5ENOG 0507 Mutual Aid

PFJR83 1502 Additional Forest Resources. PEANUT Wildfire Naciemento Ferguson Road at Stony Valley . BC11LPF CRW4LPF CRW528LPF E15LPF 4X4 E17LPF E18LPF E319LPF E335LPF PAT17LPF Q (IC) SEXTON, BRIAN Effective 06/11/2015 Grass 700 (acres)”

And then a bit later, on wildlandfire: “Sounds like they’re going to do a large burn show to tie it in. 3000 acres is AFTER they burn.”

Helicopter Training Missions

One of my readers, Brian Mack, found this very interesting article about military training exercises at FHL, Camp Roberts, and Bridgeport. Thanks for finding this an sharing it, Brian. It is a Press Release article from the Army and the Utah National Guard, so keep that in mind.

“Utah Apache Helicopters Return from Record-Setting California Training Event

DRAPER, Utah — Twelve Utah AH-64 Apaches are scheduled to return June 26 at the Army Air Support Facility in West Jordan from a record-setting California military training event at Fort Hunter Liggett, California.

Approximately 22 aircraft from multiple states culminated in a complex air assault operation, which inserted more than 1,200 servicemembers, making California history as one of the largest combined operations executed.

1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion 211th Aviation participated in the operation named ‘Thunder Hammer,’ a large, multi-division training event with the 40th Infantry Division and 91st Training Division June 7-15.

“It was a very demanding mission and we were able to integrate quickly,” said Maj. Ricky Smith, commander of the 1-211th ARB. “Our guys performed fabulously.”

Sixteen Apaches and 82 Guardmembers from the 1-211th ARB, the “Air Pirates” of the Utah Army National Guard in West Jordan, trained in collective, complex, and often challenging missions that were flown day and night, with a formations of Apaches, UH-60 Blackhawks, and CH-47 Chinooks.

“Our pilots are really competent and extremely professional,” said Capt. Kelly Kimber, operations officer for the 1-211th ARB. “The plan came together well and everybody got busy and dirty and made it happen.”

Utah aviators honed their skills during the exercise with missions to Camp Roberts, Hunter Liggett and the Mountain Warfare Training Center, a remote Marine Corps base near Bridgeport, which presented rugged terrain and high altitude landing zones well above 10,000 MSL.

The Air Pirates, three-time recipient of the prestigious Army Aviation Association of America National Guard Unit of the Year, have deployed three times since 2001, twice of which were to Afghanistan.”

The 1-211th ARB was awarded the “Fahnenband des Ministerpräsidenten” personally by Joachim Guack, President of Germany on its most recent deployment. This award is the the highest award given by Germany to another military unit, which was awarded for the support of the International Security Assistance Force.

Media Notes: The twelve-Apache formation is scheduled to fly into the AASF (7563 South Airport Road, West Jordan) between 5:30-6:30 p.m. Thursday June 26. Media are invited to the return of the Apaches (four returned previously) and interviews with members of the 1-211th ARB will be available. Please contact LTC Fairbourn for coordination at above contact numbers.”