Green Bridge on FHL closed for repairs, 8/27/18

This is the bridge: (Photo by Anneliese Agren)


I contacted FHL regarding repairs, and was informed that they have no specific date (nor even time frame) for the repair of this bridge. There is no promise or guarantee it will be repaired in time for winter rains. In the mean time, civilians are allowed to use the low water crossing next to it. Of course, if the bridge is not repaired before the rains come, then later in the winter, the low water crossing may become impassable, as it has before.

Mary and I were remembering just the other day a high school field trip in 1995, when the Carmel River Bridge went out, this bridge went out, and Highway One at Soda Springs went out and we were stuck in San Simeon, until Cal Trans could “punch us through” at Soda Springs. I will be keeping my eye on this bridge repair and let you know what I learn.

4 thoughts on “Green Bridge on FHL closed for repairs, 8/27/18

  1. Wow. I remember when Carmel River Bridge went out, but not FHL bridge and Soda Spgs the same day. Must have been a HS field trip, college prep at Cuesta or ? Chandra might recall…

  2. It was a week long senior ski trip. Rocky And Mary in the school van, and me and Moe in my Rover so we could smoke. 101 in Greenfield flooded, and was shut down right after us. Kelly Collins tried to get us thru FHL, but ALL bridges out. Dinner in Paso, then the nite at Motel 6 in San Simeon. That was a trip I will never forget. So glad I could smoke during that harrowing drive!


  3. Kate-
    Here’s what my oldest daughter says when I asked for confirmation of the year:
    I remember, & I was on that trip, so the latest it could have been would’ve been early ’97 (I graduated in June). but I kind of think we didn’t have a ski trip my senior year, so it would’ve been earlier, if that’s true. Otherwise, I have no idea what year it was.

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