Wild Fire of 1996, part 1

I was going through some records and photos in preparation for a video interview I am doing, and ran across my journal from the Wild Fire of 1996. I will reproduce bits and pieces here in bits and pieces.

Wednesday, October 9, 1996 at 12:30 pm –

At 10:30 pm on Monday, 10/7, an arsonist threw a flare up Wild Cattle Canyon from Highway One. Rock Knocker was asleep and I was watching a movie. I heard it on the CB and woke him up. We listened to the CB and to the scanner, and then around midnight decided to drive over to the launch point to see what was happening.

Mary lost her place, as did Helga and Gael. Peter lost his barn. The Withrows are threatened, as are the structures down at Mill Creek. Rocky & Geri are fine for the moment, as are we.

I collided with a fire truck on a blind curve on my property in my Range Rover. My Range Rover won. The firefighter was pissed, as it meant a whole lot of paper work. (To be continued… a few photos tomorrow.)