Vegetation Fire – Atascadero, 8/16/18

6:30 pm – UPDATE: #GabardaFire fire is holding at approx 10 acres and is now 50% contained. Rocky Canyon road is now open to traffic. Fire equipment is still in the area please be cautious. 15 engines, 2 bull dozers, 2 handcrews, 1 water tender responded from multiple Slo county agencies. Also used was helicopter, H793, the Sky Crane, recently based in Paso for the rest of the fire season. (YAY!)

Near 41 and Rocky Canyon Rd, may be in Riverbed. SLOSO called to close Roads in Area. Evacuations in progress.

They calling it the Garpada fire……Atascadero assist. …..3413, AA340, 7574, 3477, 3484, 3481, 7125, E30, D3440 n 3442, ST9344G…..evacs in progress
Atascadero just got called out for an assist…..they’re saying evacs in progress…..B3413, A340, T74, 3477, 3484, 3481, E30, D3440 n 3442quested ST9344G, 7524, an 7125…..IC just requested 1 helo an type 1 crew….it sounds like near rocky canyon