Annnddd…another one – Film shoot for Weds at Bixby

At least this one is making a donation to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade for our troubles, but still…

Good morning!

I am reaching out to all of you to advise of an upcoming TV commercial filming project on Hwy 1 / Bixby Bridge.
We have been working closely with the California Film Commission, the Monterey County Film Commission, CalTrans,The California Highway Patrol, the County of Monterey, The Monterey County Sheriffs Department, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary on obtaining all the needed permits for a one day shoot on October 3rd at the Bixby Bridge.
I have attached a notification form below that details the specifics of the project, but basically it will be a single afternoon of filming on October 3rd.
We will have 4 CHP officers on scene to assist with safety and limited duration traffic control.
There will be filming of a motorcycle driving across the bridge from a camera car, and from static camera positions both on Hwy 1 and on Old Coast Road. There will also be a couple shots with a small drone (FAA licensed and not flying over the water). The craft is quite small and quiet.
There will be a small section of the south side of Old Coast Road just to the east of Hwy 1 posted for no parking during the shoot.
We are very sensitive to, and aware of the very busy nature of the location and will insure that delays are kept to a minimum and that residents and visitors will be able to get into the area with delays not exceeding 3-5 minutes at a time. And since school buses come through that area in the afternoon we will always release traffic when we see a school bus approaching.
Our main base camp and parking area will be on private property off site – south of the bridge – so as to minimize impact on the immediate area.
In consideration of the project, and as a gesture to the community, we are going to be making a donation to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade.
Thank you for your understanding – we hope to make our short time at the Bixby Bridge a smooth experience for all!
all the best,

Next week’s weather, part 2…

Just a quick catch-up while the Senate Judiciary Committee is on a short break.

From John Lindsey: “Rainfall amounts are forecast to range between  0.10 and 0.25 of an inch. At this time, specific rainfall amounts are unclear, especially with the remnants of Hurricane Rosa factor in, but confidence is growing that there will be some precipitation across the Central Coast. This rain will also reduce fire danger.”

From NOAA this am: “After another seasonably warm day across the region today, a change in the weather pattern is likely late this week into early next. Depending on the track of this system, rain shower may be possible across the region Monday into Tuesday.”


Next week’s weather…

From Daniel Swain, aka Weather West: “Models still suggesting potential for unusual pattern next week, with cutoff low offshore CA and landfalling hurricane in far north Baja CA. Uncertainty extremely high with this forecast, but things have the potential to get quite interesting next week. Stay tuned!”


Living in the Shadow of LA’s most famous landmark: or how I learned how NOT to be a tourist

Recently, as all her friends know, Nadine (and Dan) Clark went to Connecticut and Maine. They flew. Nadine read the in-flight magazine on United Airlines, and tore out an article to bring back to me for Tourist Tuesday. I thought I was going to have to re-type the whole thing in order to share it. Fortunately, I thought to look on-line. Like, DUH!

Anyway, the takeaway for me was this: We have a plethora of good writers in Big Sur – many with books. If all those wrote an article on tourism in Big Sur, geared toward the tourist industry and sent it in to the airlines that fly into LA and SF in particular, we might really reach some of our visitors. Everyone reads the in-flight magazine! Keep it Short, like this one, preferably written with humor or light-hearted, so it will be appealing. Limber up those fingers, and start writing. Maybe MCCVB will follow our lead and write for in-flight magazines, not just the much easier website! Who knows? It might start the butterfly effect and create a more conscious class of tourists.


“When I first moved to LA, I lived on Hollywood Boulevard and Western, which wasn’t so amazing. But then I made friends with an actress named Kelly Coffield who said I could take over the lease on her cute apartment in a big house in Beachwood Canyon. She kept telling me, “Beachwood Canyon is so beautiful and picturesque, and there’s a little market and a little diner,” yadda yadda.

So I drove up there, and it was a dream. It was an old house, so it had a lot of charm, and it was right under the Hollywood Sign. After I moved in, every time I would drive home, I would see the sign and just be blown away. It would bring tears to my eyes. It was so aspirational: “You can do it, Judy! You can make it in Hollywood! Look at the sign right there—you’re driving right to it!”

After a couple of months of living there, I started to notice people standing right in the middle of my street to get a picture of the Hollywood Sign, and I thought, “Jeez, that’s kind of dangerous.” Then I noticed a lot of rental convertibles pulling over, and four or five people would get out and stand in the middle of the two-lane street to get pictures with the sign above them or pictures so it would look like they were holding the sign in the palm of their hand.

Everyone would look at me with this cringing expression, like, ‘I’m sorry, but I just really want my picture.’”

Then the tour buses started coming, pulling over with full tour groups of people standing there to get their pictures taken. I was thinking, “You’ve got to be swear-word kidding me! I live up here! People live up here! This is dangerous! It’s inconsiderate!” And everyone would look at me with this cringing expression, like, “I know, I’m so sorry, but, like, I just really want my picture.” Meanwhile, every single time I drove up the street to my house, I was dodging a human being.

I became a very fervent horn honker. I’m a nice person, but eventually I would just lay on my horn for most of the drive up the hill, dodging people. Every once in a while, I would lose my temper and yell, “People live here!” out the window. They never yelled back. Everyone would always do that sheepish little “sor-ry” smile or hold up a finger like, “One more second!” Thankfully, this was before smartphones, because I can’t even imagine what it’s like now. I don’t go up there anymore. Ever.

To this day, I’m not crazy about taking those “famous pictures” when I travel. And if I do want to go to a hot destination or a good picture-taking spot, I’m so mindful of the people who live there. Tourists either think they’re the only person who have ever wanted to have a picture there, or they give you the “If you don’t like it, then you should move” look, which is another attitude that makes me crazy. I learned my lesson, which was that the thing that I thought was going to be so charming when I first moved to LA ended up being the bane of my existence.

I stayed in that apartment for three or four years, while I was saving up to buy a house. By the time I was ready to buy, I decided I still needed the Hollywood Sign in my life. I chose a place where I can still see it, but it’s very far away from where any tourists would be trying to take a photo.

Judy Greer stars in FXX’s Archer, and this fall she’ll make her directorial debut with A Happening of Monumental Proportions, star in Halloween, and join Jim Carrey in the new Showtime series Kidding.”


Wildfire in FHL, 9/24/18

09/24/2018 11:43 FHL-2729
New Wildfire Training Area 12A . E15LPF 4X4 . . . 35 58.008, -121 16.602

Training Area 12A is in Stoney Valley:


This is not a threat to the LPNF at this time (and has never gotten this far in the past) but it could make getting through on Nacimiento Fergusson either delayed or impossible for this afternoon.

Fire Fighting Strategy in California

Sent to me by Ryan Webster, USFS Firefighter, and written by a great journalist who does wonderful in-depth research, Lisa Krieger of the SJ Merc News:

“As ashes cool on a sequence of wildfires — Delta, Carr, Mendocino Complex and so many more — there’s a statewide sigh of relief, a collective sense of gratitude as real as the hand-painted signs thanking the firefighters who contain those dangerous blazes.

But a different sentiment is stirring among many experts: California is a place forged by fire, they say, and our fierce fire-fighting policies are, paradoxically, creating a fuel-filled landscape that burns hotter and faster than ever.

Now it’s time, many say, to try a different approach[.] …












This is a lengthy, in depth report backed up by solid research. Well worth the read. The rest of this article can be found here:

Okay, South Coast, who wants to go in on a herd of goats to buy or rent?


Photo Sunday, 9/23/18

I happened to get behind this just south of Cambria. When he didn’t turn in at the Windsor yard, I knew he was heading up to Mud Creek. The truck driver knows me, so when we had to stop for construction, he came back and told me this was a 12 TON boulder he was carrying. Hope it helps!



Cal Trans & Graffiti

Friday, Suzana Cruz, Cal Trans PIO, sent me the following. I condensed it, slightly. She sent it in response to my blog post about the graffiti, which by the time they saw my post and went to  take care of it, Marcus already had. Cal Trans is concerned about us taking care of it ourselves, due to the traffic danger involved, so requests we notify them at the link below, or tell your local friendly Cal Trans worker, who can pass it on.

“We appreciate that locals take pride in their community as do all our crews that work there and our whole Caltrans family;  we love the area and do get very upset by the way it gets treated, but our Mtce. Dept. would  rather follow the existing protocol and have its employees do the job they are paid to do and take care of these issues.

We have an existing and efficient Customer (Mtce) Service Request CSR/MSR system in place, so when issues, such as this one take place, you and your followers have a way of reporting this kind of incident so we can properly track, record and handle it. This also deters folks from taking matters into their own hands when it comes to an issue that pertains to State property….The last thing we want is for someone, especially a member of the public, to get hurt.

Thanks for understanding, not taking it the wrong way, but rather safety-minded, and for helping me pass this link/info. (below) along and encouraging your followers to use it.”