Annnddd…another one – Film shoot for Weds at Bixby

At least this one is making a donation to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade for our troubles, but still…

Good morning!

I am reaching out to all of you to advise of an upcoming TV commercial filming project on Hwy 1 / Bixby Bridge.
We have been working closely with the California Film Commission, the Monterey County Film Commission, CalTrans,The California Highway Patrol, the County of Monterey, The Monterey County Sheriffs Department, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary on obtaining all the needed permits for a one day shoot on October 3rd at the Bixby Bridge.
I have attached a notification form below that details the specifics of the project, but basically it will be a single afternoon of filming on October 3rd.
We will have 4 CHP officers on scene to assist with safety and limited duration traffic control.
There will be filming of a motorcycle driving across the bridge from a camera car, and from static camera positions both on Hwy 1 and on Old Coast Road. There will also be a couple shots with a small drone (FAA licensed and not flying over the water). The craft is quite small and quiet.
There will be a small section of the south side of Old Coast Road just to the east of Hwy 1 posted for no parking during the shoot.
We are very sensitive to, and aware of the very busy nature of the location and will insure that delays are kept to a minimum and that residents and visitors will be able to get into the area with delays not exceeding 3-5 minutes at a time. And since school buses come through that area in the afternoon we will always release traffic when we see a school bus approaching.
Our main base camp and parking area will be on private property off site – south of the bridge – so as to minimize impact on the immediate area.
In consideration of the project, and as a gesture to the community, we are going to be making a donation to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade.
Thank you for your understanding – we hope to make our short time at the Bixby Bridge a smooth experience for all!
all the best,