Wildfire in FHL, 9/24/18

09/24/2018 11:43 FHL-2729
New Wildfire Training Area 12A . E15LPF 4X4 . . . 35 58.008, -121 16.602

Training Area 12A is in Stoney Valley:


This is not a threat to the LPNF at this time (and has never gotten this far in the past) but it could make getting through on Nacimiento Fergusson either delayed or impossible for this afternoon.

Fire Fighting Strategy in California

Sent to me by Ryan Webster, USFS Firefighter, and written by a great journalist who does wonderful in-depth research, Lisa Krieger of the SJ Merc News:

“As ashes cool on a sequence of wildfires — Delta, Carr, Mendocino Complex and so many more — there’s a statewide sigh of relief, a collective sense of gratitude as real as the hand-painted signs thanking the firefighters who contain those dangerous blazes.

But a different sentiment is stirring among many experts: California is a place forged by fire, they say, and our fierce fire-fighting policies are, paradoxically, creating a fuel-filled landscape that burns hotter and faster than ever.

Now it’s time, many say, to try a different approach[.] …












This is a lengthy, in depth report backed up by solid research. Well worth the read. The rest of this article can be found here:


Okay, South Coast, who wants to go in on a herd of goats to buy or rent?