Fire Fighting Strategy in California

Sent to me by Ryan Webster, USFS Firefighter, and written by a great journalist who does wonderful in-depth research, Lisa Krieger of the SJ Merc News:

“As ashes cool on a sequence of wildfires — Delta, Carr, Mendocino Complex and so many more — there’s a statewide sigh of relief, a collective sense of gratitude as real as the hand-painted signs thanking the firefighters who contain those dangerous blazes.

But a different sentiment is stirring among many experts: California is a place forged by fire, they say, and our fierce fire-fighting policies are, paradoxically, creating a fuel-filled landscape that burns hotter and faster than ever.

Now it’s time, many say, to try a different approach[.] …












This is a lengthy, in depth report backed up by solid research. Well worth the read. The rest of this article can be found here:

Okay, South Coast, who wants to go in on a herd of goats to buy or rent?


8 thoughts on “Fire Fighting Strategy in California

  1. I keep trying to sell the idea of goats to people (no I don’t own a goat renting company 😁) I know I’ve mentioned it here a couple times… There was a local company in Chular that used both electric fences and dogs but I can no longer find any information on it. Bummer – always good to support the local businesses. I’ve always thought it was a no-brainer for larger land management orgs… Maybe with some professional/official exposure, the idea will catch on. PS – they LOVE poison oak!

  2. Darn – can’t read the article… apparently I’ve reached my “free limit” this month 😕

  3. Well… I guess I could fork over 99 cents for 3 months…. cuz I doubt, for some reason, I’ll remember to read it next month… wonder why that is? 🤣

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