Photo Sunday, 9/23/18

I happened to get behind this just south of Cambria. When he didn’t turn in at the Windsor yard, I knew he was heading up to Mud Creek. The truck driver knows me, so when we had to stop for construction, he came back and told me this was a 12 TON boulder he was carrying. Hope it helps!



~ by bigsurkate on September 23, 2018.

8 Responses to “Photo Sunday, 9/23/18”

  1. Hope he has some help lifting it off of there. 😉


  2. Doesn’t look like they have attached the handholds yet…


  3. Probably done on site


  4. What are “handholds?”


  5. It is a joke, Jill. Sterling said somewhere else that this rock was to “hold on to” when the road started sliding. He did not say it here, so there is no context for this comment. Don’t mind him. He does this.


  6. Impressive! 😮


  7. Any idea why he was bringing this single boulder up there now?


  8. There was another boulder in front of this one, and pretty sure they were for the sea wall down below.


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