Green Bridge on FHL closed for repairs, 8/27/18

This is the bridge: (Photo by Anneliese Agren)


I contacted FHL regarding repairs, and was informed that they have no specific date (nor even time frame) for the repair of this bridge. There is no promise or guarantee it will be repaired in time for winter rains. In the mean time, civilians are allowed to use the low water crossing next to it. Of course, if the bridge is not repaired before the rains come, then later in the winter, the low water crossing may become impassable, as it has before.

Mary and I were remembering just the other day a high school field trip in 1995, when the Carmel River Bridge went out, this bridge went out, and Highway One at Soda Springs went out and we were stuck in San Simeon, until Cal Trans could “punch us through” at Soda Springs. I will be keeping my eye on this bridge repair and let you know what I learn.

Highway One Closure update, 6/12/17 & Thursday Convoy

Mud Creek remains completely closed. Paul’s Slide continues as it has been, opening times above in the “sticky” permanent post above. Aerial of Mud Creek by Madonna Construction:

PM 8.9 Mud Creek Aerial--John Madonna 6.8.17


Convoy times for 6/15/17:

*Update #6*

MONTEREY COUNTY – Caltrans will continue the process of delivering construction equipment and materials to the site of the demolished Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge on State Route 1 via Nacimiento-Fergusson Road from US Highway 101 on Thursday, June 15. Some equipment will begin moving out one piece at a time, throughout the week.

These convoys will be escorted by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and will include intermittent closures of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road on Thursday, June 15 from 8 am until 7 pm. Motorists wishing to travel east/west in the morning must do so before the first convoy begins. On Thursday, motorists will encounter delays during the movement of these four convoys westbound from 8 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 4 pm and eastbound from 11 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm. All vehicles must not exceed 30 feet in length and a weight of 15 tons.

The Thursday convoy again will include rock, sand, cement and reinforcing steel. Future convoys will include more of the same, in general, materials and equipment to construct the abutment support and overall construction of the new Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (PM 45.52).

MoCo Sheriff enforcing no camping


On Nacimiento I counted 34 campsites on the side of the road yesterday, Saturday, between the summit and the coast. Almost all of them in dangerous locations. There is no privacy, no place for human waste, people are camped practically on top of each other. This is not camping. The road is dangerous enough just being so narrow and winding and in generally bad shape. This phenomena just adds another layer of dangerousness to an existing situation.

Highway One conditions for the next week or so …

First, I apologize for the lateness of this, but yesterday nothing worked.

Best Buddies is tomorrow, Sat. Sept 7.


CENTRAL COAST –The 10th Annual Best Buddies Challenge bicycle ride will use portions of Highway 1 beginning in Carmel in Monterey County and ending in San Simeon in San Luis Obispo County this Saturday, September 7.

Traffic control set-up begins at 6 am and consists of rolling closures by the California Highway Patrol. In addition, Changeable Message Signs will be posted alerting motorists to ‘Share the Road’ with cyclists. Up to 15 minute delays can be anticipated.

The bike ride will begin at 7 am at Carmel Valley Road in Carmel. All riders will be off the road and event will conclude by 4 pm at Hearst Castle on San Simeon Road in San Simeon.
And on FHL:
Construction to slow traffic on Mission Road

Beginning Monday, Sept. 9, construction work will close one lane of Mission Road at times between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The project, between the Checkpoint Charlie curve, where the 40-mph zone begins, and the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road turnoff, will last several weeks. The contractor will be repairing the roadway and shoulder, repaving and widening the lanes.

Mission Road connects U.S. 101 via Jolon Road to both Nacimiento-Fergusson, the only paved road across the Santa Lucia Mountains from US 101 to Big Sur between Cambria and Carmel, and Del Venturi Road, which leads to several U.S. Forest Service campgrounds and recreation areas.


MONTEREY COUNTY – Two one-day pavement repairs on Highway 1 will take place next Tuesday, September 10 and Wednesday, September 11 at the following locations:

· Tuesday, Sept. 10: On southbound Hwy. 1 at Ribera Road near Carmel;
· Wednesday, Sept. 11: On southbound Hwy. 1 between Yankee Point Drive and
Mal Paso Road near Carmel Highlands

Roadwork hours are from 9 am to 2 pm each day. Work consists of one-way reversing traffic control with flagging. Up to 10-minute delays can be anticipated.

Daytime roadwork on Highway 1 at Rocky Creek continues next week from 7 am to 5 pm Monday, Sept. 9 through Friday, Sept. 13, with 10-minute delays as needed.

NOTE: There will be NO OVERNIGHT CLOSURES OR NIGHT ROADWORK next week (Sunday, Sept. 8 through Thursday, Sept. 12).

ADVANCED TENTATIVE NOTIFICATION: THERE WILL BE TWO OVERNIGHT FULL CLOSURES: Monday, Sept. 16 and Tuesday, Sept. 17—from 9 pm to 7 am to pour the east side of the viaduct deck. Tuesday night’s full closure may not be necessary. Caltrans will send an update as soon as confirmation is received either way.

Work being performed next week consists of delivering materials and doing false work and bridge deck set-up.

And that is what we have in store for the motoring public.

Ponderosa Fire

10:30 am – “Radio traffic has it at 150 acres, Header can be seen for miles.” Now, I am really going to take a look. Back before noon, I hope. Will have phone, but there are many “dead zones” out there.

10:00 am – going off line for a bit to check on things in the back country. Call, if needed. Otherwise, back before 11 with a report. Oh, plume visible, but not particularly close. Don’t know direction of spread, but we have the old Chalk Fire between us and it, for the most part.

9:30 am – hearing lots of low-flying aircraft. I’ll be going out to open gate and go check the rear. Will take phone, but not computer, and will report back if I can see anything. From FHL-Capt. “75 acers 0% containment. Large orders for crews and aircraft. Steep and rugged terrain. Just outside Chalk Fire Burn from last year in Negro drainage.” (I think this had another name in the old days.)

9:15 am – Los Olivos Engine arrived at 7:30 am. Also, “Must have something going. Aircraft assigned to the incident: Bravo 2, AA502, T74, T75, C406, Helitanker706, C528, 3 AT on order.
Air tactics 166.675. Air to ground 170.000.”

9:00 am – found out what “cover” is. Ordered resources to come cover the two stations where the engines were from. E16 & E17. Also the exact coordinates of the fire are only near the Ponderosa campground. The exact lat & long is: 35 59 430 X 121 23 504

5:45 am – At 1:22 am, per WildCAD-LPNF, a resource order was issued for “Ponderosa Cover.” I have attempted to find out what that means, but have not been successful. It may mean simply an order for a PIO for this morning’s press release. I have found no other reports on this fire, which is a good thing. Inciweb is not reporting this fire. It has actually been quite chilly up here this am, also a good thing. The lack of available information supports a theory that the fire remained small and is under control. So, going back to sleep. Blessings, bigsurkate

Fire at Ponderosa Campground

Midnight – nothing being reported, significant or otherwise, so I’ll be signing off until morning. Blessings, bigsurkate

11:00 pm – no significant events being reported, so maybe the USFS will have a handle on it by the morning and we will all wake up to it being “old news.”

10:00 pm – I received a call from the new District Ranger, Sherry Tune, whom I just met yesterday, to give me a “heads-up” about this fire. It may have grown a little since initial reporting, but it is difficult to tell at night. She will be issuing a press release tomorrow morning, probably not until around 10 am. She will fax me a copy, which I will post here. She hasn’t been assigned a PIO, yet. She is brand-new, and only about 2 weeks into the job. It is her intention to keep locals fully informed. As a side note, I like her and others who have met her like her as well. It is a helluva welcome to the neighborhood, and she is literally being tested by fire.

9:30 pm – It began around 8:15 pm this evening, August 1st. It is approximately 4-6 acres, with a slow rate of spread. Two USFS Engines are on it right now. Ponderosa Campground, for those unfamiliar with the area, is several miles down from the summit, east on Nacimiento Rd. in the flats, by the river before one enters Ft. Hunter-Leggett.

Check back in in a couple of hours. I’ll try to report one more time, somewhere between 11 and midnight. Phone will be working all night. If necessary, I will start the gennie and stay online on and off throughout the evening.