Coleman Fire on FHL

7:30 pm – Evacuations have begun for Pine Canyon(just south of King City). There are massive orders in the works right now. “The fire is well established in to Reliz Canyon, has burned in to the Ventana Wilderness on the LPF, and is threatening Pine Canyon. The majority of the resources are focusing on structure protection and are not really engaging on the wilderness portion yet.”

From Monterey Fire Service;

“This fire, the “Coleman Fire,” being near Coleman Reservoir, in Fort Hunter Liggett, began today at about 1500 hours and is in the northern Fort Hunter Liggett, Los Padres Forest area. The photo was taken from Highway 146 southeast of Soledad at about 1615 hours.

At 1830 hours, a local government Type 3 strike team, Strike Team 2175 C, was requested for an immediate need to the fire. The strike team includes Salinas, North County, POM FD, Monterey County Regional, and Marina FD, with Strike Team Leader 5301 from Salinas FD.

At 1835 hours, a second immediate need type 3 strike team, Strike Team 2176 C was requested by the U.S. Forest Service to the same fire. The strike team includes Monterey FD, Seaside FD, Salinas FD, and Monterey County Regional FD with the Strike Team Leader Chief 6202 from Seaside FD.

Also, the southwest portions of Reliz Canyon Road and Pine Canyon Road may be impacted by the fire. The fire is nearing 2000 acres with 0% containment. Structures are threatened.”

View of the Coleman Fire from Cahoon Summit, CV by Craig Matthews

image6:30 pm – still trying to get details, but at least 8 tankers on this, and MoCo did a large call out of all available units.

4:30 pm – fire making a run, up to 2,ooo acres, due East of Junipero Serra Peak. Six tankers and 2 Helios working out of Paso on it so far. I’ll keep posting every hour for a while. Next post around 5:30 pm.

Default CA-FHL-Coleman
Location: Coleman Canyon area of FHL, Lat and Lon from AA: 36.113 x 121.289
Acres: 40
ROS: Rapid
ROC: initially 3 acres at the toe of a slope, fire grew to 40 acres with long range spotting in grass and brush.
Structures: are not currently threatened
Special Hazards:
Resources: BC12LPF CRW3LPF DIV1LPF E15LPF 4X4 E18LPF E319LPF E335LPF E338LPF4X4 HEL527LPF PAT17LPF Q PAT41ALPF WT3LPF, 6 Air Tankers on order and 2 Copters.
Photo above is from Brian Mack.

Fire currently up to 2000 acres, in no time. Firefighters on the scene say it is running! Firefighters familiar with this area say this is nasty country and they expect it to go extended and anticipate 20,000 acres.



Stoney Fire, 6/4/16

Here is another shot of the fire from Geri Kavanagh-Baird from 8 pm last night. Looks like they are getting a handle on it. The photo is so dramatic due to the setting sun and the smoke it is filtered through. Fires do make for some awesome photos. Unless something untoward happens, this will be my last post on this fire.



Stoney Fire, 6/3/16

3:00 pm – Strike Team SBC 1538C plus E 312, 318,323,332,351, plus battalion 513 assigned to Stoney. KRN ST reassigned from Chimney to Stoney.

1:00 pm – Per South Ops, the fire is 250 acres and 15% contained. Moderate ROS. Planned burning ops for today will cause acreage to increase to about 3800 acres.

8:30 am – Intel: “What I do know is they were attempting to get dozer line around, indirect, and then to fire it out. If that was/is successful, it would be approximately 5,000 acres. If the weather does what it is predicted to do today, that should be a very challenging line to hold. The ignition probability is about 100% out there right now. Anyway, that was the word I got”

Photos of Stoney Fire at mouth of Wizard Gulch taken last night by Geri Kavanagh-Baird


As of 4:30 am the fire has grown to 500 acres.

“Updated spot for Friday. Estimated acreage around 500 acres. Very hot and dry.…60603.STONY.01

In addition to Fort Hunter Liggett RAWS this nearby weather station is likely more representative of the weather on the fire.…HPEC1&time=GMT

Last MODIS heat images are from about 10 pm, overnight heat signature has cooled considerably. Will see how it behaves with another day of 100 plus heat and single digit RH.”

Wildfires, 6/2/16

We have two happening, and one seems to be getting some legs – that is the Stoney Fire in FHL. One firefighter had this to say:

“Apparently, this fire is running up to Wizard Peak. It is definitely heading toward the LP and the initial crews on scene have pulled back due to intensity.” 6 Tankers are on this and 3 heliocopters, and strike teams have been ordered. It was 40 acres at start, don’t know what it is now.

The second one is a grass fire up at Highway One and Highway 156. I’ll be watching both, but my interest will be in the Stoney Fire. I can already see smoke haze on the horizon over the ocean. Heads up, all.

30 Acre Wildfire on FHL

6:30 pm – some of the SLO Mutual Aid units are being released, so this must be under control now.

5:30 pm – There is a wildfire on FHL near Jolon and Sulphur Springs. SLO has sent units as well as LPF. So far, no planes called out yet. Will update as I hear. From WildCAD

05/02/2016 16:11 FHL-1165
PN J8QN (1502)
PNJ8QN (1502) Sulphur Wildfire FORT HUNTER LIGGET M . DIV1LPF E16LPF 4X4 E17LPF E319LPF PAT18LPF Q CH8803, Toll Effective 17:10 30 (acres)

Controlled burn on Ft. H-L escapes

11:00 pm – per WLF: “This was a control burn that escaped. There was a S/T 9340C from SLU training when it occured.

As of 2030hrs, fire was reported at 50 Acres and 40% contained.

Correct spelling for this incident is Los Bueyes.”

9:30 pm – as of this time, these are the resources assigned to this fire: LPF resources Assigned to this fire are
BC-11, 12
Eng: 16, 19, 31, 35, 37
Crew 3 Arroyo Grande IHC, 4 Los Padres IHC
Heli-527, 528, 530
PT-19, 38

These are LPF resources only. Not Ft. H-L or Cal-Fire, which are both also on scene. What this tells me, and this is just intelligent guess work on my part, is that this fire is in or moving toward the LPNF. Based on the smoke drift shot I posted earlier, I would venture to speculate that the fire is moving in a westwardly direction. This one is going to bear watching over the next few days.

7:45 pm – Boillos Fire smoke drift from my front door. This is shot facing south, and Ft. Hunter-Liggett is to the left, or east in this photo.

6:45 pm – took a quick trip out back to South Coast Ridge Rd. and in the short amount of time I was gone, the visible smoke from my place markedly increased. The photo I am posting was before the increase in smoke. BTW, all of that grey dark stuff is smoke. It is clear blue skies in all the other directions.

5:30 – two more helios assigned, bring it up to 4 AA and 4 Hs.

4:45 pm – two more AA sent. This is the approximate location on base:

And here is a zoomed out version. The blue push pin is my location, about 6 miles due west of the fire.

3:45 pm – Controlled burn on Ft. Hunter-Liggett started at 10 am this morning appears to have escaped around 2:15 pm, per LPF WildCAD. I have been hearing and seeing planes overhead about an hour or two ago, about the time that LPF WildCAD reports the incident as Los Boillos Wildfire. Trying to get more information as to size and direction. I can see a lot of smoke from here, but no column. I may have to go out back to look. wildlandfire is reporting: “Aircraft in route from Paso.
75 acres in heavy brush.
Eratic fire behavior”

There are two AA tankers on scene and a helo. Neither LPNF office in King City nor the Ft. H-L PIO know anything at this time. Ft. H-L PIO is investigating and getting back to me with direction and ROS.

PIO for Ft. H-L called back and informed me it is still quite a ways away from me, but had no size or ROS or direction of spread to share. It is in training area 19.

So far, this year, these fires are being attacked early and agressively, and it may be out before I go to bed. Hoping, anyway.

I just investigated a wildfire a couple miles south of Gorda, but that one has been controlled.

Smoke Smells ??

I got a call this morning indicating a number of people in various areas down here on the South Coast were smelling smoke, most of whom are under the inversion layer. So, I investigated.

From up here, above the fog, there is SOME smoke drift from the north, I’m guessing still from the Lockheed Fire, which has grown, but is over 75% contained. The inversion layer appears to be quite high, but I cannot tell how thick it is. I can only guess that the smoke is “stuck” under the inversion layer. I see no plumes, no indication of any fresh fires.

LPNF WildCAD reported a wildfire yesterday morning at Jolon Rd. and MPRC (not sure what that is), that has been confirmed, but it was controlled yesterday, and is providing little additional smoke today.

I will keep a watchful eye, although a Farmer’s Market may beckon me …

8/4/09: Ponderosa Fire, Day 4 – Sam Jones, Day 3

Per Cal Fire the Sam Jones incident was been fully contained at 1400 hours today. Total acreage 3,468. (August 4th, Day 3) Great Job Everyone!!

9:30 am – from Inciweb:

Incident Overview

The Ponderosa Fire started on Saturay, August 1, at approximately 7:45 in the evening. The fire is located in the Ventana Wilderness in very steep, rugged terrain. The cause is still under investigation. Approximately 350 acres have burned to date. The fire is being aggressively fought by fire crews constructing line on the fire’s edge where possible and going indirect with the use of dozers outside of the wilderness boundaries. Also assisting handcrews is the use of helicopters and air tankers dropping both retardant and water. No structors are threatened at this time.
Ponderosa and Nacimiento Campgrounds are closed. Highway 1 is open. Nacimiento-Ferguson Road, as well as the Los Burros/Willow Creek Road at Highway 1 are closed to the public, however they are open to residents.

Basic Information
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Under Investigation
Date of Origin Friday July 31st, 2009 aprox 07:45 PM
Location Monterey Ranger District, Ventana Wilderness
Incident Commander James E. Smith
Current Situation
Total Personnel 602
Size 360 acres
Percent Contained 16%
Fuels Involved
Oak woodlands and Chaparral
Fire Behavior
Significant Events
Little fire movement occurred last evening dueto marine layer influence.
Planned Actions
Today’s goal is to taking advantage of the opportunities to take direct suppression action wherever possible.
Growth Potential
Terrain Difficulty
CCIIMT-7, Jim Smith’s type 2 team has assuemed command as of 0600 on 8/3/2009. Evaluating Unified Command with Fort Hunter Liggett.
Current Weather
Wind Conditions 5-10 mph S
Temperature 90 degrees
Humidity 18%

6:30 am – Good morning, everyone! Checking in for updates and will post as they come in.

Sam Jones Fire, Day 2 (8/3/09)

11:00 pm update. And tonight, just before I sign off, I would like to post a photograph one of my readers sent of the Sam Jones Fire, taken between 4 and 4:30 pm this afternoon. It was taken from up behind Hearst Castle, from a place called Rocky Butte Truck Trail. Photo by Carl Brandt of Cambria. Posted here with permission.

Sam Jones Fire

Isn’t that just spectacular? Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Carl!

Here’s a thermal from CalFire:
Sam Jones Thermal

8 pm update: “Catching scanner traffic from Monterey County Com they are Sending Local Goverment Engines to the fire Code 3. Did not Catch identifiers.”

Sorry, I am running later and later, as I am working this evening, and only checking in the between times. CalFire reported: (note the diversion for a new start??)

Update: 08-03-09 1730hrs -Structures threatened. The fire is still on post. Calfire is setting up in the Bryson area just in case it gets that far. Approx 4500 acres, 55% containment. SRA threatened as fire jumped the line again.
The Sam Jones fire is burning within the confines of the U.S. Army’s Fort Hunter Liggett.
Structure Group just ordered up two Type 3 Strike Teams ASAP, BEU sending ST 9430 C to the fire code-3.
Aircraft were just diverted from this incident to a new start on Hunter-Ligget with structures threatened.

CAL FIRE Sam Jones Fire Incident Information:
Last Updated: August 3, 2009 8:00 am
Date/Time Started: August 2, 2009 4:30 pm
Administrative Unit: Army at Fort Hunter Liggett
County: Monterey County
Location: Fort Hunter Leggitt Training Area 27
Acres Burned: 4500 acres,
Containment: 55% containment

7 pm update from wildfire: ” The fire is still on post [FHL]. Calfire is setting up in the Bryson area just in case it gets that far. Approx 4500 acres, 55% containment. SRA threatened as fire jumped the line again.” Byrson Hesperia and Copperhead have been evacuated. Also there appears to be no growth on the Ponderosa today, still about 500 acres.

Here is a quick sketch of the area from the Bryson Hesperia Resort
Bryson Hesperia Resort

3:30 pm update: Information indicates that the spot, 1/2 to 1 mile in front of the Sam Jones was on the south end. Here is a link to the “raws” of temp/RH/fuel temps, etc. on FHL:

3:00 pm update: Sam Jones Fire -At 1337hrs. Fire has jumped the line, 1/2 to 1 mile spot. S/T [strike team] of Calfire engines e/r [en route]. Looking into aircraft and crews. Fire has moved into SRA, [State Responsibility Area] going unified command. BEU dispatching a high dispatch to the area. Moving into Bryson / Hesperia area. (per wildlandfire) Per LPNF new fire listed at 1345 hrs, probably one and the same.

Editor’s note: WildCAD has been wildly unreliable the last couple days. Unified command is a good thing, as it will be easier to get info than it is when it is only an Army command.

Due to the changed circumstances this afternoon, around 1:45 pm, I am moving the Sam Jones updates to this post, and will continue with updates, as they become available.