Smoke Smells ??

I got a call this morning indicating a number of people in various areas down here on the South Coast were smelling smoke, most of whom are under the inversion layer. So, I investigated.

From up here, above the fog, there is SOME smoke drift from the north, I’m guessing still from the Lockheed Fire, which has grown, but is over 75% contained. The inversion layer appears to be quite high, but I cannot tell how thick it is. I can only guess that the smoke is “stuck” under the inversion layer. I see no plumes, no indication of any fresh fires.

LPNF WildCAD reported a wildfire yesterday morning at Jolon Rd. and MPRC (not sure what that is), that has been confirmed, but it was controlled yesterday, and is providing little additional smoke today.

I will keep a watchful eye, although a Farmer’s Market may beckon me …