Smoke Smells ??

I got a call this morning indicating a number of people in various areas down here on the South Coast were smelling smoke, most of whom are under the inversion layer. So, I investigated.

From up here, above the fog, there is SOME smoke drift from the north, I’m guessing still from the Lockheed Fire, which has grown, but is over 75% contained. The inversion layer appears to be quite high, but I cannot tell how thick it is. I can only guess that the smoke is “stuck” under the inversion layer. I see no plumes, no indication of any fresh fires.

LPNF WildCAD reported a wildfire yesterday morning at Jolon Rd. and MPRC (not sure what that is), that has been confirmed, but it was controlled yesterday, and is providing little additional smoke today.

I will keep a watchful eye, although a Farmer’s Market may beckon me …

7 thoughts on “Smoke Smells ??

  1. Kate, and all:
    Today is the smokiest day we’ve seen in Santa Cruz. I was at Shoppers Corner this morning and you could not see down Branciforte Ave past Broadway (several hundred yards). The fire is controlled and I heard that a good bit of backfiring was going on. That along with the wind is making it REAL smokey. The wind is changing around from the south now and is clearing things up after noon.

  2. Thanks, Jon, for the report. That helps explain what others are smelling down here. We are all so attuned to the smell of forest fires now, it is spooky!

    I used to reply privately to posts like this, so as not to clutter things up, but now (duh!) I realize others besides the original commenter might be interested. So look for my responses in the comment section from now on. Plus, it saves me a lot of time not to respond privately!

  3. Maybe instead of MPCR they were referring to Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District.

  4. All last night and much of the foggy portion of the early morning resulted in a very “wet” smoke smell here on Front Hill. The sort of smell that you get when garbage burns. I went around and down to the beach but saw nothing.

  5. OH FOR Heavens SAKE! You’d think they were droids with no real brains or common sense. And a RAVE party this time of year? Its not even harvest time… yet. 😛

    I’m on my new puter. My old one took a dump. It was after all 10. Also on Comcast now and will email you the new addy. }}}HUG{{{

  6. When I went through the FHL gate on Jolon Rd Fri eve I asked the guard about the Jolon Rd fire. He said that it was just down the road at MPRC so it sounds like some military acronym for that training area between the main gate and Lockwood.
    There was also a fire to the SW that he said was on the base in a remote area (looked like Nacimiento Drainage east of 3 peaks, roughly) and they had it surrounded and were letting it burn itself out.

  7. There are often fires on Ft. Hunter Liggett. Mostly, they are not worrisome, as much of the area is very accessible and they have their own firefighting crews. I have actually heard of, or seen the smoke from a couple of small ones upon which I have not reported, but thanks for the info, Jon.

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