Two South Coast Incidences today, 4/25/09

There were two fire-related incidences reported today. One was a possible wildfire in the Nacimiento area. One was an abandoned campfire on Plaskett Ridge. The USFS-KC sent a very nice young lady named Tammy over to check on both.

The Nacimiento report was a false alarm. It was a burn pile, near a residence being closely monitored by the owner. The second, which the ex reported to me, and I passed along to the USFS, was not “originally” abandoned, as the ex had seen people there, but after he left, it WAS abandoned, and when the USFS got there, it was still hot, and Tammy made sure it was good and out. 

Thank you, USFS!!

Also, Tammy informed me that the current plan is to open the  forest on May 1, 2009. I did not think to ask if that was the entire forest, or just the portion down here. (Gotta get better at that!) She did say that it should help to take the strain off of this unburned (since 2000) area. That should be good news for the VWA folks.

Fire at Salmon Creek, 4/24/09

Noon – nothing more, so I can only assume no news is good news. I will continue to monitor, but given the cool, foggy conditions, I think it is a good bet that this little fire is either out, or on its way to being out. 

8:20 am – No details, yet. Heard on scanner. I will post more information as it becomes available .

From chp website:

7:57AM 1039 27-S1
8:16AM CHP Unit Assigned

This posted on Wildland Fire, hotlist:

From the Salinas Californian wire 50-yard brush fire reported in Big Sur
April 24, 2009 
The California Highway Patrol reports that a brush fire has broken out near the ranger station at Highway 1 and Salmon Creek Arch Culvert in Big Sur.
As of 7:54 a.m., the fire was reported as 50 yards by 50 yards in size. 
Fire fighting teams are responding.

Considering the cold, damp conditions, I don’t expect this one to be a problem. But, like Capt. Mike says, it means the ground is ready. *sigh*

First Big Sur Fire of 2009 Season

From one BSVFB member, this fire is at Rancho Rico. This is what is reported on wildlandfire:

“As of 2116hrs, Los Padres Communications Center is reporting a veg fire at Sycamore Cyn and Hwy 1 on the West side of the highway, 3-5 acres with 50-60% contained.” 

SurCATS is reporting that as of 9 pm, this fire is in the mop up stages. Here is a link to some photos of the fire: Slideshow.

Photos by Nancy Sanders