First Big Sur Fire of 2009 Season

From one BSVFB member, this fire is at Rancho Rico. This is what is reported on wildlandfire:

“As of 2116hrs, Los Padres Communications Center is reporting a veg fire at Sycamore Cyn and Hwy 1 on the West side of the highway, 3-5 acres with 50-60% contained.” 

SurCATS is reporting that as of 9 pm, this fire is in the mop up stages. Here is a link to some photos of the fire: Slideshow.

Photos by Nancy Sanders

5 thoughts on “First Big Sur Fire of 2009 Season

  1. I found your site after reading about the Big Sur fire of 2008 in Smithsonian Magazine. I Just wanted to ask if anyone out there has put forth the ideas of regular biannual burn offs, planting new varieties of plants types that hold soil and control burn rates, and general landowner deadwood clearance policies. It is a lot of work but 50 acres can be maintained in a condition that is not fire friendly. Any or all of these policies would be cheaper than the 70 million spent on control that was wasted.

  2. How nice is it to hear about a new fire in Big Sur….and know I can just go to your site to find out what’s up. Many thanks….

    Cachagua Store folks

  3. Kate, it’s good to know you’re up and running, and that current info is available here. Thank-you so much. I feared this would happen when it was decided to allow a normal level of summer tourism. The land needs to heal. I wish it could be left alone.

  4. Whats that house up there? Did they start this fire? Cause they had a water source. I guess FEAR plays the most important role here!!!

  5. In the face of the FOURMILE CANYON FIRE just West of Boulder, Colorado – started on Labor Day 2010 and now, September 9th, three days later, with all short of 15% contained, over 140 homes and structures destroyed, about 12-square-miles of Widfire out of control in high winds, and over 3000 people evacuvated from 20 Subdivisions, it is to REJOICE to return to Big Sur Kate and the incredibly fine organization and information available here — INCLUDING under “Wildfires” this very fire in the Front Range of the Rockies with thorough updates! And to see the comment from 2009 by my old friend Yanaar Jane Lee made my Heart Soar! Thank you Kate! E Ma Ho & Kindest regards, Sapan Rinpoche, Lyons, CO, USA, North America

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