Honoring & Celebrating

Such a sweet gathering yesterday of north and south to honor and celebrate the life of Paul Vieregge. Seven years ago, I remember attending he and Penny’s 50th wedding anniversary at the same spot. I have lots of photos, and hope to upload some at some point to this post, but I really have a tremendous amount of work over the next few days, PLUS my son is down from Oregon, staying in Monterey for a few days, so I need to get up there to see him. Few “dull” moments in my world right now.
And two of my most favorite ladies: Penny & Peggy.
Josh Vieregge
Penny Vieregge
Peter Harding
Paul’s Friends
Dualing cameras. Okay, I give. His is bigger than mine!
Kirk Gafill

3 thoughts on “Honoring & Celebrating

  1. Thanks Kate! Hope to see more when you have time. Once Big Sur and it’s great people are in a person’s heart…like mine…it’s all there forever. I was so sorry to miss this memorial for one of my most favorite people. Paul’s spirit and humor live on in my heart & memories.

  2. I spent many a summers day and night at Sycamore Canyon with the Vieregge Family. Wonderful memories.

  3. Thanks Kate for the pictures it really tells a long story of Buck Creek and its friends

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