Zen & the Art of State Budgets

My income has stopped. I haven’t been able to bill in a month. The state will start issuing IOUs next week, not redeeming them until 10/1, so I created this space (cyber only, I haven’t actually built it in the real world) for me to come and meditate when I stop paying my bills, stop going places, and hunker down for the long haul. Come here anytime the world gets you down. I’ll be here with a cup of tea for you.
(taken at Cambria Nursery)

2 thoughts on “Zen & the Art of State Budgets

  1. Wow, that place is beautiful. Not traditionally beautiful–it’s not the white house or some southern mansion, but it’s cozy and idyllic. I’d like to lay around there some afternoon. haha. 🙂

  2. Very Zen my friend Kate. 🙂

    I just heard the same thing on KION morning news. I’m disheartened that the state continues to punish the people that work for them in retalliation for what the voters did.

    The governer and his minion MUST realize that if they continue this trend, that the staff that has for so long taken care of their needs… will walk out on them leaving them to do all the work themselves.

    I have the hot water on for that spot of tea. 🙂

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