Community Gathering, Patrols, and fires

Late this afternoon, I left the heat of the mountain for a sweet community gathering sponsored by John Handy of TreeBones. He roasted two pigs, had a band, and everyone brought something. It was so good to see so many of my neighbors. Neighbors here live miles from each other. Gatherings are the only way we get to see each other, sometimes.

Our host, John Handy …

The band …

the roasted pigs.

On the way home, I found one F&G ranger (he said there was another, whom I did not see), and one LPNF ranger patrolling Plaskett. So many hunters were up here, I suspect this was the last weekend of this portion of the season. I am just astounded, frankly, that Plaskett is getting all this attention. AND, I am extremely grateful. I cannot explain my relief at seeing firefighters and rangers making this effort this time of the year. Just a presence helps to discourage so much of the behavior I’ve been watching build over the last few years. Thank you, guys.

When I got home, I found a voice mail from Kelly O’Brien, reporter from KUSP who lives in Jamesburg, of a wildland fire that broke out in Carmel Valley, 6 miles up Robinson Canyon Rd. from CV Rd. She left the message at 5:45 pm, and I did not pick it up until 7:30 pm. The CHP opened Robinson Canyon Rd. back up (it had been closed for 2 hours) at 8:11 pm this evening, so that probably indicates this fire is controlled.

There were a number of small fires that started in various places on the central coast, including one on Apple Pie Ridge in Big Sur. So far, they have all been picked up fast, including the local one.

Given the temps and the low humidity, our firefighters are doing an incredible job. Our thanks can never be enough.

6 thoughts on “Community Gathering, Patrols, and fires

  1. Kate,
    Sorry I missed the pig roast! I wanted to come down, but with the hot weather and red flag warnings I was really concerned. The fire on Apple Pie could have been our worst nightmare: a densely populated ridge, with zero clearance, no turnouts and lots of flashy fuels. The cabin in question had some real issues, regarding flammables stacked around the hot water heater.
    Good thing the girls in the cabin acted decisively!

  2. On the way to the races in Watsonville about 2:30 PM there was a fire near Hecker Pass, by the time I got there, they were diverting aircraft to Pacheco Pass for another. When I left Watsonville at 11PM highway 152 east was closed due to the Pacheco Fire.

  3. The Apple Pie Ridge cabin fire was below the Curtis property. You can be sure the Curtis’ fire clearance has been attended to. The Curtis home nearest the fire was prepared for evacuation as there is very steep terrain between the two houses. Thankfully the renters in that house had a fire extinguisher on hand, and there was a quick response from BSVFB..

  4. Regarding the Charlie Cabin, there was NO fire extinguisher. I do not recall seeing one posted or in place at the cabin. According to the guests own account, they had to use bottles of water to put the fire out. They were very brave, I think, opening up the door and trying to fight it themselves.

  5. I am watching a wind driven fire storm consume structures in the 49er fire in Auburn on the evening news

  6. I was out on Highway 1 from Thursday through Sunday and saw CalFire trucks out and about driving around, checking things out, and I wondered, did our State Budget fund for this kind of attention? Apparently so and very smart decision. Costs too much on the backend of these fires (time, money and as we see, some pay with their lives). Much better to proactively spend for patrolling.

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