Random 2009 Jade Festival Photos #4

Gorgeous day, again, huh? Later today, when I have my booster going, I will upload more 2009 Jade Festival photos for your perusal. Try back this afternoon.
I am a sucker for dogs. Technical difficulties. Will upload more as the fickle internet allows.

There’s always a cast of colorful characters. I don’t know this one. Not from our South Coast, that I know of. Wally and Burt used to play this role, but both have passed on, now.

And, of course, the Jade. That’s Matt Clasby’s work being modeled by my friend, Vilia.

It is a mermaid. Matt’s incredible work can be seen here: Matthew Glasby

One thought on “Random 2009 Jade Festival Photos #4

  1. This is great, Kate. The lady sleeping and the dog saying, “You can take the picture, but don’t dare wake her.”. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

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