Friday Meeting Reports

I’ll add the Big Sur Multi-Agency Advisory Council notes here later today, as my notes are in the car. In the meantime, here is Betty’s report from the California Coastal Trails Meeting with Bill Monning.

California Coastal Trails, Big Sur Segment:
“Yesterday’s meeting went well, although it was unbelievably cold inside the Grange hall.
Present were representatives from State Parks, County Parks, TAMC, County Planning, USFS, Coastal Commission, Coastal Conservancy, and four representatives from the Trail Committee, chaired by Bill Monning.

We began reviewing comments made by agencies and going into the first stages of a collaborative approach. A working vocabulary of terms used in planning will be developed, so that we are clear about concepts needed in order to secure support and funding.

Lee Otter has found a lot of funding sources for the trail besides the Coastal Conservancy.

Some very positive comments were made about the Community Proposal.
I felt very good about being able to see a future of interaction with the various parties using a feeling of teamwork.

We will be calling on other groups to participate as the plan proceeds, and doing public outreach for collaboration within work groups.”