So, how was your day?

Well, I could tell you about my day … but it would depress you. Oh, too happy? Okay, then here goes.

I was working yesterday, and using my last tank of gas in the generator, as I was going to town today, so no biggie.

Worked past the generator, so worked on laptop battery and 12 v. lights in trailer. Hum… lights went out, so got flashlight. laptop gave out about 1 am, so to bed with Hawaii by flashlight for a while. Finally gave up the ghost about 1:30 am.

Woke at 5:30. Peed, couldn’t get back to sleep, so continued to read Hawaii by flashlight. Then, finally, got up at 6:30 am. Hmmm. water pump on same circuit as lights, so not working. No biggie. I have water in jugs for such an emergency. Made coffee, read Hawaii.

Finally, get up, figure I’ll recharge the laptop on the inverter in the Jeep. Oh? Really? Well, can’t do that, the Jeep battery is dead. Okay, house battery dead, lap top dead, Jeep dead. Thank god the cell phone battery is … CHARGED!! I call the X. “Help!!” His phone is off. We are supposed to meet for lunch in Cambria. So, I leave a msg on his cell, and at the restaurant where we agree to meet. Finally, several hours later, he calls back. “I’m on my way.” He was down by Hearst Castle, so another couple hours. Back to Hawaii.

He shows up with gas for the gennie, so we hook up the battery charger to the gennie and then to the Jeep. 1/2 hour later – nada. So, I said, “I don’t suppose one of my deep cycles will fit in the Jeep, right?” (He brought his MBZ, and one cannot jump start from that!). He says, “No, but we can jump start from it.” And so we did.

3:30 pm, He can’t go to lunch as he has to go back and pick up his mom from his aunt’s, where he had deposited her for the day so we could have lunch. I make it into town, get gas for the gennie, recharging the laptop AND the Jeep along the way. Get home after dark. Not my favorite thing to do, carrying groceries in the dark, especially as every thing is excavated for my next project.

Now, I have more power than I need, but last night and this morning? I was back in the homestead days. I don’t mind washing clothes by hand in a 5 gallon bucket. I don’t mind being without power, but I really hate it when all power is out.

And so, how was your day?