Redwood Forest Photos by Dan Danbom

Tonight, Dan sent me these incredible shots taken yesterday afternoon, and he gave me permission to share them with you. They are magnificent!


Big Sur River

Iris and River


Thank you, Dan. You are so generous to share your photographs with me and my readers. Remember, if you want to see more of Dan’s work, his gallery can be seen here: Dan Danbom

Weather Watch, 4/20/10

11:45 pm – I had to go outside to take care of the generator, and son-of-a-gun, if there weren’t big ol’ snow flakes covering my black sweater. Amazing. Let you know if it sticks before I got to bed.

7 pm – significant amounts of hail, although not too large. Lasted only long enough to cover everything and make the deck slippery.

6 pm – it has started to rain, again. Let’s see if it keeps up. Didn’t at 2 pm.

It rained pretty hard in the wee hours this morning, and I woke to another inch, bringing the season total to 63.75 inches. Debbie reported 3/4 of an inch in Big Sur Valley (Thank you, Debbie!) It has not rained here during the daylight hours, but there is considerable wind. I take it back, it has started to rain again at 2 pm.