Weather Watch, 4/20/10

11:45 pm – I had to go outside to take care of the generator, and son-of-a-gun, if there weren’t big ol’ snow flakes covering my black sweater. Amazing. Let you know if it sticks before I got to bed.

7 pm – significant amounts of hail, although not too large. Lasted only long enough to cover everything and make the deck slippery.

6 pm – it has started to rain, again. Let’s see if it keeps up. Didn’t at 2 pm.

It rained pretty hard in the wee hours this morning, and I woke to another inch, bringing the season total to 63.75 inches. Debbie reported 3/4 of an inch in Big Sur Valley (Thank you, Debbie!) It has not rained here during the daylight hours, but there is considerable wind. I take it back, it has started to rain again at 2 pm.

One thought on “Weather Watch, 4/20/10

  1. BigSurKate,

    As the sun set here in Paso one could see big storm cells on the northwestern horizon up your way replete with strong updrafts and sharp anvil tops from which copious amounts of cirrus outflow was emanating….thanks for sharing your exciting weather accounts.

    Oh, and thinks for dropping by a little bit ago and commenting on Eclectic Arcania….we have been linked to your blog for quite some time.

    I’m guessing your hail and snow was generated by these sorts of

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