Luau and Aloha

We are wrapping up our wonderful trip, and had a great luau last night. All the May birthdays were requested to get up on stage and do the hula. I tried to pass, but Debbie and Rose would not let me. I also got snagged by the MC to sing a song in Hawaiian – that was hilarious. I tried to get out of it, but *he* wouldn’t let me. They took photos of both events. IF I decide to post them, they will be on my travel page in a couple weeks. (I have to get them, first!) In the meantime, here are some photos of last night’s luau.

The Guardian

Tahitian Number
Smiling Male Dancer
Coconut tops
Maori War Dance
A Star
Fire Dance

3 thoughts on “Luau and Aloha

  1. These are wonderful photos and in the dark. Was it you who said she struggled photographing people? Well, not anymore!

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