The Coast …

… or how to fill a memory card from just one location. I could have stayed and photographed from here, on this day, all day.





And last one. (I took dozens, whittled it down to 8, then had battery issues, so got it down to 5.)

Okay, now the fun part. Vote for your favorite. If you feel like it, tell me why it is your favorite in the comments below. If not, then your vote is completely anonymous, even to me!

6 thoughts on “The Coast …

  1. #2, it tells a story. Not hard to read either.
    I was up in S.F. taking pictures from the Marin Headlands yesterday. Tee shirt weather at 9 am, not a ripple in the ocean below, a one in a million day on the Bay.

  2. I like the clouds in 1, but I voted for 5 because I like the composition and the rocks in the foreground water.

  3. I voted for #4 because I like the composition. It has a nice contrast between the land forms and the water. The clarity of the water draws me in. The land appears to me as a sleeping dragon resting by the sea.

  4. Hi Kate, I voted for # 1 , just because that photo encompasses more of Big Sur, than the others,,,,, but ,,,, that view has some great meaning for me and others,,,, The vantage point seems to be around “Crincle Corners”, or known as the “Fineburg” property,,,, and there,,,, stories begin to surface !

    I did paddle my sea kayak through that Sea Arch , as did a few other intrepid Big Sur Souls, Like Blake and Kevin of Rancho Rico ,,, we all enjoyed every moment, of being allowed, to be there !

    The Fineburgs (sp-?) allowed us to camp on their beach, below ,,, we all had a great time, of it !

    There is much to say about the impacts of the great big slide , there , but that can’t be explained here .

    As a distant admirerier , T Y for the photo remberences of wonderful times , past !


  5. Hi Kate, I voted for #1 for so many reasons I wound up thinking it the most beautifully integrated composition – from the foreground with the delicate wildflowers to the horizon line flowing down the land to the sea and along the sea itself, and all of this beauty sheltered under the gentle blanket of cloud …. WOW! Thanks so much.

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