Big Sur River

I took a drive through the state park the other day …

and ambled along the river.

I was amazed at how clear the water was!

And the redwood forest lining her shores …

majestic, is one word to describe the lofty redwood.

Sculpted by Mother Nature

And I ended the day at “the Dog,” looking at one of Cheryl’s many contributions.

4 thoughts on “Big Sur River

  1. Kate, these are gorgeous. I can almost smell that clean pine and earthy scent you get walking through the woods near a river.

  2. Hi Kate, I just stumbled upon your site. We live south in Oceanside, and love to come to Big Sur to camp every year since my son was three, (he’s now 15). The only year we didn’t make it was because of the fire of 08. We got as far north as Cambria. Could you please tell me if the Big Sur river in the Pfeiffer B.S. campground has recovered from the mud slide? My son and nephew were disappointed last summer when they saw the swimming hole was filled with mud. Thank you for any information, I’m glad I found your site!

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