More Jade Fest 2010

Hello everyone. Avis here to post some more pics from this years Jade Festival.

But before I do….

If Kate were posting, she would tell you all about the rain we are having here in Big Sur. It rained most of the day on Friday and my rain gauge down at Highway 1 level recorded “1/4 inch”.  Saturday started off absolutely beautiful. Later in the day it started to rain and it has been raining all day today. It’s been a steady rain that has given me another inch of rain as of 5:00pm.

This post is going to be pictures of Jade in all it’s glory. I wish I had more time at the festival to devote to getting really good pics but I do volunteer work that keeps me very busy. I have to take the camera and make a mad dash around the vendor booths. And here are some of the results of my mad dashing.

Although she's a bit dusty, the Jade Lady has been one of my favorite carvings for many years. Carved by Gary Goudy
Ahhhhhh...Siberian Jade. My favorite!!!
I love when Jade is the right quality and just the right thickness that you can see the light through it. We call Jade you can see through "A Lens"
This hunny is Botryoidal Jade. Otherwise known as "Bubble Jade". Resting on a piece of Redwood burl. And the whole thing is sitting on top of a local jade slab.
This represents the many colors and types of local Big Sur Jade. Including the Red "Vulcan Jade"
This face is so sweet. I've seen this piece at the festival for a few years now...Don't know the history of the piece or the artist.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the beautiful Jade!

Kate will be back to posting very, very soon.