How NOT to deliver disturbing news

There is a trend developing in this electronic world, that I would hope people will really take a look at and re-evaluate. It is beyond inappropriate, in my view. This trend is to send out notice of an individual’s sudden and unexpected death through a mass email list.

I just got one from PelicanNetwork, and let the owner know that in my opinion this is in extremely poor taste. I have known about this death for most of the week, but if I hadn’t, this is not how I would want to find out. Think about it. Think of the people who hadn’t known. Is this the way they should find out? This is the kind of news one prefers to get from friends, personally, not through a huge email list, many of whom don’t even know this person.

Two years ago, I was traveling in Peru with a friend. We were out on the Amazon, completely isolated. When we finally returned to civilization, 10 days later, at the hotel in Lima, I checked my email. I had received another sudden, unexpected death notice via a different email list. I could not breathe – literally. My friend and I were both devastated. We spent $200 on international phone calls trying to find out what happened, how, and why. This was the type of news that we would have received from friends upon our return. Instead, we received it in isolation, far from our beloved Big Sur, where we could hold and be held.

Think. Please. Would you want to be notified via a huge impersonal Big Sur email list about the death of someone you had known since he was in Kindergarten?? Maybe I am old school, where manners and civility, particularly in times of tragedy, matter. Maybe being unconscious of the pain one’s actions can cause is the way of the world, but I don’t think so.

2010 Jade Festival Countdown!

The 19th Annual Jade Festival will be in full swing one week from today.

It starts at noon on Friday October 8th and will go until 6 pm that night. Saturday it is held from 10-6 pm, and Sunday is from 10-5 pm. Great music line-up, wonderful food … and, and … THE JADE!!

Plaskett Creek Campground starts filling up by Wednesday, and is usually full by Thursday, but there are also Kirk Creek and Limekiln Campgrounds, as well as lodging at Lucia Lodge, Tree Bones Resort, and Gorda, here on the South Coast.

San Simeon and Cambria are easy drives as is “downtown” Big Sur. So join us for some old-fashioned South Coast hospitality. Many claim they’ve been transported back to the 60’s, if they are old enough to remember them, and others claim it is the way Big Sur really has always been.

Please remember, NO CAMPFIRES outside the developed campgrounds mentioned above. Anywhere else is a no-no, and considering the current extreme fire danger, you can bet that $5,000 fine one of us WILL report any and all campfires!

Speaking of fires, bring the kids to meet Smokey the Bear. He usually puts in an appearance on Saturday. Also there will be lectures and demonstrations about the South Coast gem, as well as good family fun. Remember, this is a family event held on school grounds and drugs or alcohol are not allowed.

The Countdown begins! Oh, my. I have so much to do this next week!! Stop by and say “hi” in the main SCCLT booth right at the entrance by the band stand.