Jade Festival, Day 3

If this link works, here is a video Meade Fischer took today at the Jade Festival posted to youtube: Jade Festival video
Meade, if you object, I will take it down – and nice to meet you!

7;30 pm and the Jade Festival is closed down for the year. It was THE most incredible Festival ever. All of us who have worked them these last ten years agree that Saturday we saw the biggest crowd we have ever witnessed. It was HUGE – basically shoulder-to-shoulder. And? Despite all the people, it was mellow, no emergencies, no problems – a wonderfully peaceful and utterly enjoyable crowd. We were very blessed to have so many wonderful people visit. The vendors all reported a stellar year. We like to keep our vendors happy, as besides the raffle sales and the donations, the fees they pay are the only income our non-profit makes. Thank you all for such a successful Jade Festival. As usual, the weather was completely cooperative and beautiful.

There were some problems Saturday night, mostly from a few very unconscious individuals – one of whom thought it was a great idea to build a campfire in the middle of the school’s garden. One, no campfires outside designated campgrounds, certainly not the school. Two, in the middle of the garden? What planet was this guy from?

We all hope you will join us next year for our 20th Annual Jade Festival.

Here’s one of some incredible jade, that Dan Danbom caught with the light. Yes, it really is that color!

11 am – “She Folk” lead by our own Cat Madama

Here is a photo by Dan Danbom of Mowtowners and the crowd dancing yesterday. You Cambria folk may recognize Lady Tie Di in the crowd.

10 am – Every morning we kicked off the Jade Festival with a drum circle. It is our tradition. Everyone brings their drums and joins in.

And again, our leader, the gorgeous Tracy Morgan.

From yesterday, I was not able to upload the photos of Chad Carvey, the falconer, and his rescue red-tail with the broken wing.

Jade Festival, Day 2

The Mowtowners sure got me up and on my feet – as well as the rest of the crowd. Woohooo …. wish I could post video so you could hear them. Cheryl, the Hawaiian is the lead of this group.

And here is one of the whole group, I think. I might have missed Frank.

11 am – the Central Coast Arts Institute Drum and Dance troupe

10 am drum circle led by Tracy Morgan

It is almost 8:30 am, I have had my 2 cups of coffee, am dressed and ready to rock ‘n roll, boys and girls. Saturday is always our biggest day, and the weather is picture perfect. I am ready to pack up the Jeep again and head down the hill. Today, I will be taking and posting photos throughout the day, if I can get on the wi-fi. Stop in and say “hi.” Remember, we open at 10 am and go to 6 pm. What better way to spend your Saturday?

Jade Festival, Day One

An hour and 1/2 into the festival, I finally was able to hook up to the wi-fi. Photos when I can, but the weather is absolutely beautiful. Perfect temperatures, mellow crowd, great music … a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon.

And now, for the very rare photo of BigSurKate seen with Steve Finch, SCCLT Board President.

Not many photos today, busy with volunteers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and meal tickets. Hopefully, more tomorrow.

Remember, we open at 10 am tomorrow, and the weather should be even better! This from NOAA: “THIS [the stronger ridge of high pressure] WILL TRANSLATE TO ABOUT 5-10 DEGREES OF WARMING EACH DAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.”

Woohoo! Bring it on. See you tomorrow, right?

Jade Festival Music Schedule

Here it is! Now you can plan your visit accordingly. Later today, I will be reporting on the weather, in all likelihood. I am loving the wetness after so much dryness for so long!

19th. Annual Big Sur Jade Festival
Free Entertainment

Friday October 8, 2010
Morning Drum Circle w/ Tracy Morgan
Jim Sweetwater
David Morales
Dan Singer
Jud Davidson
Jimmy Chavez
Erin Montgomery
Three Legged Dawg
Lun A Rion
Big Sur Mountain Jam

Saturday October 9, 2010
Morning Drum Circle w/ Tracy Morgan
Central Coast Arts Institute Drum and Dance
Too Young to Marry
Valerie Johnson & the New Sound Boogie Band
Benot Serat
Kathy Raven
David Talmadge
Scarlet Furies
The Demos

Sunday October 10, 2010
Morning Drum Circle w/ Tracy Morgan
She Folk
The Mighty Croondogs
Hazey Jane
Rough House
Trouble Hoof
Bootsie Merango

(Subject to change without notice)

Jade Festival Weather

5:00 pm – yup, it is here. The first rain of the season. Oh, so nice.

4:15 pm – look at the difference one-half hour can make in the Nexrad.

4:00 pm – in the last 15 mins the band of yellow has pushed its way to just over 1/2 way to the coast from the Salinas Valley. It should be here shortly, boys and girls.

Update, 3:45 pm: Here it comes:


Despite the great prediction, dressing in layers is always a good idea this time of year down here on the South Coast. See you all Friday!

In the meantime, scattered showers possible today and tomorrow, thunderstorms possible on Wednesday afternoon, and those of us in the mountains can expect temperatures down into the 30s by Wednesday.

Jade Festival 2010

The countdown continues. Only 4 more days until the 19th Annual Jade Festival held at the Pacific Valley School. We are busy getting all the last minute details ironed out, making our lists, the vendors are beginning to think about what to pack up, and some may already be packing.

Me? I’m preparing the meal tickets for the volunteers, the vendor maps to be printed up, the sign-in sheets for volunteers for T-shirts, etc. and thinking about what I will need.

Friday the 8th, 12-6; Saturday the 9th, 10-6; Sunday the 10th, 10-5. Join in the fun.

2010 Jade Festival Countdown!

The 19th Annual Jade Festival will be in full swing one week from today.

It starts at noon on Friday October 8th and will go until 6 pm that night. Saturday it is held from 10-6 pm, and Sunday is from 10-5 pm. Great music line-up, wonderful food … and, and … THE JADE!!

Plaskett Creek Campground starts filling up by Wednesday, and is usually full by Thursday, but there are also Kirk Creek and Limekiln Campgrounds, as well as lodging at Lucia Lodge, Tree Bones Resort, and Gorda, here on the South Coast.

San Simeon and Cambria are easy drives as is “downtown” Big Sur. So join us for some old-fashioned South Coast hospitality. Many claim they’ve been transported back to the 60’s, if they are old enough to remember them, and others claim it is the way Big Sur really has always been.

Please remember, NO CAMPFIRES outside the developed campgrounds mentioned above. Anywhere else is a no-no, and considering the current extreme fire danger, you can bet that $5,000 fine one of us WILL report any and all campfires!

Speaking of fires, bring the kids to meet Smokey the Bear. He usually puts in an appearance on Saturday. Also there will be lectures and demonstrations about the South Coast gem, as well as good family fun. Remember, this is a family event held on school grounds and drugs or alcohol are not allowed.

The Countdown begins! Oh, my. I have so much to do this next week!! Stop by and say “hi” in the main SCCLT booth right at the entrance by the band stand.

Header Photo Contest #3

For this Fall season’s contest for the header photo at the top of the blog, the subject is JADE – rocks, jewelry, sculpture, Jade Festival – wherever your creativity leads you in this direction. Each person should submit no more than 2 photos by midnight PDT on September 13th. These photos need to be in landscape format, and preferably, full sized, rather than cropped. Last contest many photographers submitted photos cropped to fit my header format, but the main vote getters were all full-sized. On or about September 14th, I will post the top ten photos for readers to vote on. The winner will win lunch at Lucia Lodge or if not local, an SD card, courtesy of Ken Harlan of Lucia Lodge.

So, you have 2 weeks to sort through your existing photographs, or to go out and take new ones to submit for this quarterly contest! Find your favorite piece of Jade, put it in the sun to show off that gorgeous color and submit it in the next two weeks!

Big Sur Jade

In anticipation of the Fall photo contest – the theme is Jade – and the 19th Annual Big Sur Jade Festival coming on October 8th, 9th, and 10th, I offer the following:

Necklace by Big Sur Jade Co.- Champagne & Glass provided by Rose Welch

And here is another idea for Jade photos:

So, starting September 1st, I will be accepting photos for the Fall Contest, and the theme is Jade – anything and everything Jade – raw, polished, sculptured, found, jewelry – will even consider Jade Festival photos! Contest winners will again be chosen by the readers and the contest will close on September 14th at midnight, PDT, to allow a full week to vote for the photo that will grace the header spot for the Fall, which will go up on or about September 21st.