Jade Festival 2010

The countdown continues. Only 4 more days until the 19th Annual Jade Festival held at the Pacific Valley School. We are busy getting all the last minute details ironed out, making our lists, the vendors are beginning to think about what to pack up, and some may already be packing.

Me? I’m preparing the meal tickets for the volunteers, the vendor maps to be printed up, the sign-in sheets for volunteers for T-shirts, etc. and thinking about what I will need.

Friday the 8th, 12-6; Saturday the 9th, 10-6; Sunday the 10th, 10-5. Join in the fun.

~ by bigsurkate on October 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jade Festival 2010”

  1. I am even looking forward to this festival as I enjoyed the photos you posted last year! Have fun, Kate!


  2. Glad I broke out the laptop today…got it all charged up but I’m having a problem with connecting to my wireless. I’ll have my computer guy look at it. Camera’s all charged up and working on packing stuff I need for the raffle booth. Tick…Tock…time will go by quickly now. See you soon sweetie.


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