Weather Report, 10/4/10

4:00 pm – drizzle reported in Big Sur Valley a little before noon. I was on my way to Cambria, where it was sunny, but definitely fall. Coming home, I could see the clouds up against the tops of all the mountains, and I watched the fog come in as I made my way north. Here, at home, now, it is 47 degrees, and dripping from the high fog. It is not rain, but it is wet and cold none-the-less. Above this, I know there are scattered clouds.

I woke up to a chilly 57 degrees, a 40 degree drop since Saturday. I was completely socked in by the clouds. Currently, there are both high and low clouds, and the sun peeks through occasionally. I can not see across to Willow Creek top, at the moment. NOAA is saying there is a chance of shattered showers today, but a stronger possibility of rain in the hills of Southern Monterey county on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hmmm…that’s me. Guess I better get ready.

4 thoughts on “Weather Report, 10/4/10

  1. Chilly here and windy. Tops of the redwoods toss-about. My drive to the house will be covered in redwood branchlets by evening. Had to wear 3 layers to walk the dog this a.m. The days are short, and now begins the tough haul until 12/22, when we welcome the lengthening daylight again.

  2. I agree, Anneliese … the shortening of the days is the hardest time of the year in country living. I don’t think the urban areas notice it as much due to all the lights, electricity, and artificial heating. But it is also a time to slow down, take a breath, and cuddle under those down comforters!

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