Jade Festival, Day 3

If this link works, here is a video Meade Fischer took today at the Jade Festival posted to youtube: Jade Festival video
Meade, if you object, I will take it down – and nice to meet you!

7;30 pm and the Jade Festival is closed down for the year. It was THE most incredible Festival ever. All of us who have worked them these last ten years agree that Saturday we saw the biggest crowd we have ever witnessed. It was HUGE – basically shoulder-to-shoulder. And? Despite all the people, it was mellow, no emergencies, no problems – a wonderfully peaceful and utterly enjoyable crowd. We were very blessed to have so many wonderful people visit. The vendors all reported a stellar year. We like to keep our vendors happy, as besides the raffle sales and the donations, the fees they pay are the only income our non-profit makes. Thank you all for such a successful Jade Festival. As usual, the weather was completely cooperative and beautiful.

There were some problems Saturday night, mostly from a few very unconscious individuals – one of whom thought it was a great idea to build a campfire in the middle of the school’s garden. One, no campfires outside designated campgrounds, certainly not the school. Two, in the middle of the garden? What planet was this guy from?

We all hope you will join us next year for our 20th Annual Jade Festival.

Here’s one of some incredible jade, that Dan Danbom caught with the light. Yes, it really is that color!

11 am – “She Folk” lead by our own Cat Madama

Here is a photo by Dan Danbom of Mowtowners and the crowd dancing yesterday. You Cambria folk may recognize Lady Tie Di in the crowd.

10 am – Every morning we kicked off the Jade Festival with a drum circle. It is our tradition. Everyone brings their drums and joins in.

And again, our leader, the gorgeous Tracy Morgan.

From yesterday, I was not able to upload the photos of Chad Carvey, the falconer, and his rescue red-tail with the broken wing.

4 thoughts on “Jade Festival, Day 3

  1. I’m T the Jade Festival vicariously through your photos, Kate! It looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  2. Dave Danbom’s see-through slabs are an awesome example of what the combination of light and jade can do for the eyes. Each piece of jade is a natural work of art. When I collect a piece, my favorite experience is to shine a bright beam of light through it and see the surprise. Many pieces reveal a hidden world of color and form…a lost but found world of beauty. One little piece I have, which has a touch of vulcan streaks through it, shows a fantasy forest of silhouette monterey cypress trees against a golden sunset, complete with background mountains. Another piece lights up a vast range of receding mountains with breaking waves…all tinted in greens, blues, and reds. The secrets hidden in small pieces of stone found on a beach…MIRACLES!

  3. Thank-you for posting all these great photos of your Jade Festival, once again. In a year where the economy is so depressed, I was happy to hear the vendors did well! Bravo to you and the crew! Hey! Creepy about that spider web! Never heard of or seen such a thing!

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