Jade Festival, Day 2

The Mowtowners sure got me up and on my feet – as well as the rest of the crowd. Woohooo …. wish I could post video so you could hear them. Cheryl, the Hawaiian is the lead of this group.

And here is one of the whole group, I think. I might have missed Frank.

11 am – the Central Coast Arts Institute Drum and Dance troupe

10 am drum circle led by Tracy Morgan

It is almost 8:30 am, I have had my 2 cups of coffee, am dressed and ready to rock ‘n roll, boys and girls. Saturday is always our biggest day, and the weather is picture perfect. I am ready to pack up the Jeep again and head down the hill. Today, I will be taking and posting photos throughout the day, if I can get on the wi-fi. Stop in and say “hi.” Remember, we open at 10 am and go to 6 pm. What better way to spend your Saturday?

~ by bigsurkate on October 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jade Festival, Day 2”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful Pictures Kate. I didn’t get to make it up today. Work..ehh .. darn sure looks like i missed a great time.


  2. Love the pictures honey! Keep them coming!


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