Header Photo Contest #3

For this Fall season’s contest for the header photo at the top of the blog, the subject is JADE – rocks, jewelry, sculpture, Jade Festival – wherever your creativity leads you in this direction. Each person should submit no more than 2 photos by midnight PDT on September 13th. These photos need to be in landscape format, and preferably, full sized, rather than cropped. Last contest many photographers submitted photos cropped to fit my header format, but the main vote getters were all full-sized. On or about September 14th, I will post the top ten photos for readers to vote on. The winner will win lunch at Lucia Lodge or if not local, an SD card, courtesy of Ken Harlan of Lucia Lodge.

So, you have 2 weeks to sort through your existing photographs, or to go out and take new ones to submit for this quarterly contest! Find your favorite piece of Jade, put it in the sun to show off that gorgeous color and submit it in the next two weeks!

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