Reports from the South Coast

One source reports that Gamboa Point is just about done, and the paving should be complete shortly. That means one less stop light on the South Coast. We’ve had 3 for quite some time now. YAY!! Of course, in a few months, the road could fall once again – the never ending battle for the road that defies gravity.

Another source reports that tomorrow is the opening day of squirrel season. This is a much more difficult time that deer season (which I think is still going on). It is a cultural thing that I don’t get. I do know I have reported these hunters in the past, and Fish & Game caught the six guys I reported with over 200 dead critters from flickers to other birds to squirrels. Only squirrels are legal. The problem with squirrel hunters is that they shoot anything and everything and REALLY go back in the woods and have no compunction about having campfires in the middle of the forest, far away from accessible roads. So, of course, this is a bother to those who live here, but my main concern is all the small critters they shoot and get away with shooting.

Tell me, why is there a squirrel season? Don’t we have enough natural predators without bringing in hunters from San Jose? I mean, really. What am I missing here? Anyone care to explain it it me?

Health Center Fund Raiser

Art, Food, Wine & Live Music…
Sunday, September 12
The Terrace At The Restaurant At Ventana
Big Sur, CA
Silent and Live Auction (at 4:30 pm)
Tickets: $75.00 per person
Call: 831-626-3485
Or Purchase at Event

Live Auction Items:
#1 – ‘Art of Land and Water
Belgian Artist Mi Desmedt creates works ranging from the abstract to the figurative. Her inspiration often comes from nature as is shown in this Triptych which is from her collection entitled: “Land and Water” – land and seascapes inspired by the Big Sur area. Each framed piece is 26″ x 33″. Mi Desmedt has exhibited in galleries and cultural centers all over the world.
Donor: Victor and Laura Pavloff
Value: $3,000

#2 – ‘Doe’ #25/50 Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture (13″ x 10″)
Lygia Chappellet is an incredible painter and sculptor who is intrigued by the animals and landscape she observes daily on her family’s ranch in Big Sur. Lygia says, “Intuitively, we are all drawn toward certain elements. These may be visions, weeds, animals, ideas, loved ones, etc…They are all symbolic keys of our greatest revelations and our deepest feelings; subjects worth recording as ‘artwork’.” Lygia has shown extensively in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Napa Valley, Big Sur, Carmel and Ketchum, Idaho.
Donor: Lygia Chappellet
Value: $1,500

#3 – ‘Art Times Three’
Three incredible pieces of Art that will transform your home…
* Patricia’s acrylic on canvas ‘Luminosity’ 10″ x 30″. Patricia views art as a blessing. Her work is in many private collections and galleries.
* John’s “Ancient Column” Lamp- John has an affinity for natural materials that is apparent in all his works of stone, steel and cement lamps and tables.
* Bob & Sandy’s Ceramic Pond – Their work is often a collaboration of Bob’s wheel-generated textured slabs and Sandy’s hand building of teapots and vases. Their work is in both museums and private collections.
Donor: Patricia Qualls Value: $1,500
Donor: John Chappell Design Value: $595
Donor: Bob & Sandy Kinzie Value: $300

#4 – ‘The Art of Wine’
Love Art and Wine… This special package for two to the 27th Annual Central Coast Wine Classic, July 7th-11, 2011 is what you want! It will include a full weekend of incredible wine and food:
Thursday afternoon Barrel Tasting, in the evening Dinner at Hearst Castle – an unforgettable evening surrounded by Art!
Friday Varietal Symposium, Cooking Demo & Luncheon by Narsai David, Celebrity Chef and much, much more to complete this weekend. Please go to the Live Auction display area for the entire list of events.
This package does not include transportation and accommodations.
Donor: Archie McLaren
Value: $3,350

#5 – ‘Big Sur Tapestry’
Acrylic on paper by Celia Sanborn (22” x 28.5”). Born and raised in Big Sur, Celia creates her paintings as though she is in them. For her, painting is a way of touching the land in a way you cannot touch…a painting becomes a condensed image of what she sees…an essence. Celia’s parents moved here in the 1940’s seeking solitude and land and fell in love with this magnificent place. Artists themselves, they created a backdrop where Celia and her siblings could participate in a world of creativity. Celia continues the tradition by living in the place that ‘stirs’ the art within her, weaving art into all of life’s other callings.
Donor: Celia Sanborn
Value: $2,500

# 6 – ‘Art and Nature’
Four lucky individuals will get to enjoy Condors all day up close and personal with Kelly Sorenson, Executive Director of VWS. You will travel high into the Big Sur wilderness on a private dirt road, stopping for views and to track the birds. Enjoy a picnic lunch by the Big Sur Bakery crew on the way. You will feel as though you are soaring with the birds at 2800 feet. You will leave with a photo by Daniel Bianchetta – ‘Condors over Big Sur’.
Donor: Ventana Wildlife Society, D. Bianchetta and The Big Sur Bakery
Value: $1,425

#7 – ‘Violet Madrones’
Oil on canvas (48” x 36”) by Melissa Lofton. Having lived in Big Sur most of her life, she is constantly surprised and delighted at how rich and varied the coast and mountains are. Melissa paints people and everyday objects in her world and in her travels. Chairs, water, oak and madrone trees are also ongoing subjects of fascination for her and are painted in many permutations. Her work is in many private collections and local galleries.
Donor: Melissa Lofton
Value: $3,800

#8 – ‘Art & Food in a Garden’
Six of you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind Big Sur experience… John Batz and Gabriel Hyppolite will share their private home and Sculpture Garden with a 3-course lunch created especially for you by Executive Chef Domingo Santamaria of Deetjens. Wines will be paired with each course as you take in your surroundings. Choose a date in April 2011 for this immersion of 85 Sculptures, a lunch you will not forget, and the company of two well travelled and entertaining gentlemen… you will not want the day to end.
Donors: John Batz & Gabriel Hyppolite and Domingo Santamaria & Deetjens Big Sur Inn
Value: Priceless

#9 – ‘A Spirit Nest’
Your own personal Nest for dreaming and creating! Not only will your kids love it… you will love it! Each nest is a one of a kind interactive & functional art sculpture that is intended for people of all ages. Jayson will custom build an 8-person Nest and install in Monterey County. Jayson’s Nests can be found on many private properties in Big Sur; Esalen; the Spirit Garden; Treebones Resort; Pacific Grove Natural History Museum; movie set of ‘Wanderlust’ being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, starring Jennifer Anniston and throughout the US.
Installation outside Monterey County, bidder to work out expense for time, travel, accommodations and transport of Nest with Jayson separate from the Health Center benefit. Cushions not included.
Donor: Jayson Fann, Big Sur Spirit Garden
Value: $10,000

#10 – ‘Body Language’
A private photo shoot with Greg and Susan Hawthorne at their Gallery starts off this amazing art piece of You!! Greg starts off with a Photo Mono Print and then adds his abstract touch of color on you and the background. Body Art with the Hawthorne touch. Greg’s diverse work incorporates painting, sculpture and design. His work is represented in hundreds of private, public, and corporate collections.
Donor: Gregory Hawthorne, Hawthorne Gallery
Value: $10,000