Soberanes Day 62 – Photos

Here are a couple photos take by Ellen Hrabak Beck as her flight flew over our area:


I love this portrait of a young hotshot from Oregon by Michael Troutman:


By Mike Morales, because we all need a little art in the midst of destruction. Fire Sunrise.


By Michael Troutman taken yesterday


Soberanes Fire Photos, 7/23

I received a lot of photos today, but nobody put more time in my day. Now that it is dark and news has quieted, I can post a few of the ones I think are either great photos, great perspective, or otherwise contribute new information for today’s events. I will simply identify the place and time, if provided, and the photographer. If I don’t include yours, if might be that it is just lost in my inbox, on Twitter, or FB. I get them through so many different methods, it is really hard to keep track. Doesn’t mean I don’t want them or think they are not worthy of posting, it only means I am one person – flawed, busy, and at times, disorganized.

With these images, I bid you good night. I’ll be up and gathering info early, but probably not ready to start posting until 7 when I have a feel for what happened overnight. Love, blessings and healing to all of us and our land.

From Stephen Adair, around 10 pm showing upper Mal Paso Canyon;


From Scott Moffet tonight, taken from Coast RD. Behind Ventana:


By Clayton Scicluna, taken from Post Ranch this afternoon:


From Bruce Dormody at dusk, showing the fire crossing White Rock Ridge into the Garzas.


From Lucas Ryan shot from White Rock Cabins


From Juanita Turner tonight from CV


Jane Goldcamp, CV around 8:45pm


These by Steve Parlato around noon from Pebble Beach Golf Course:


That’s it, I cannot do anymore tonight.

I came across a treasure …

While cleaning out my old office. (I am retired now and no longer need that “office” except for storage.)

The Seniors at Pacific Valley School created this as their “senior project” – 18 years ago. I will always treasure it.


Foto Friday, 4/3

Today, I dug into the archives. I have misplaced my battery charger for my camera. I still have the bowels of my Jeep, behind the seats, where everything ends up, to search, but after that, I give up! If I’ve posted these before, forgive me, I’ve lost track.

I have meant to post these for quite some time, but always seem to get distracted. Jeff Mallory graciously let me tour Emile Normans house quite some time ago, and I always wanted to post these photos taken there. KQED did a lovely documentary of the mans life that I thoroughly enjoyed also. I came  away from both in awe of the man’s genius.







The entire house is a work of art, and Emile did it all. If I can find the link to the documentary, I will post it here. Worth the time to watch it, as his was a fascinating life. 

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