Soberanes Day 62 – Photos

Here are a couple photos take by Ellen Hrabak Beck as her flight flew over our area:


I love this portrait of a young hotshot from Oregon by Michael Troutman:


By Mike Morales, because we all need a little art in the midst of destruction. Fire Sunrise.


By Michael Troutman taken yesterday


14 thoughts on “Soberanes Day 62 – Photos

  1. Awesome indeed, Mike Morales. Kristina described the emotion well– brought to mind the French “terrible” which may mean awe-inspiring or fear-instilling, depending on use/interpretation. I pray every day that this fiery beast will sleep before too many more sunrises like this one.

  2. Thank you so much for this. So I’m not officially recognized to do anything but I talked with one of our District Lions Club people. She was wondering if there are resources now to help you folks affected by the fire: supplies, money, shelter? They didn’t want to duplicate efforts if they were able to help again. No promises as I’m just the little peon trying to find out. I would have to report back to my contact and let it go through the District process but we were wondering if something is in place now still?

  3. The same color as the fire retardant that is currently gracing out hillsides…beautiful photo, Mike.

  4. Not sure how the winds are on the fire right now but across the bay in Scotts Valley the winds have really ramped up.
    Hope what lines they have established can hold.

  5. Speaking of art…Hi, Kate! I am a friend of two firefighters with Mid-Coast. I live in Pennsylvania but was out to visit and stayed with them on Palo Colorado, just two weeks before this horror show began. I am writing to let you know that I’m about to launch a fundraising effort for Mid-Coast FB that I’ve worked out. I am a photographer, so I’ll be offering a series of limited edition prints of images I shot shot during my stay there in July. They are landscapes, photo-based but look a bit more like illustrations. Anyway, they are quite beautiful and are being printed by a fantastic SF based printer called PhotoWorks on fine art watercolor paper donated to my cause by Hahnnemühle paper company. 100% of profits from sale will go to Mid-Coast for them to use as they need. I will be conducting the sale through my own website and promoting it. I hope to have my launch all ready by the end of this weekend and would love to send you the complete info at that time to forward as you are able to all the people who have reached out through this blog.

    You’ve done an extraordinary job of keeping everyone informed throughout these 62 days. I check in frequently and I was motivated by all I’ve read to want to do something to help, even from across the country, in the best way I know how, through my work.


    Heather Mull

  6. Haven’t been reading every day, but if this has not been mentioned yet KSBY of Santa Barbara tonight is calling reporting the Soberanes fire the most expensive in US history

  7. 200 mil…hmm…now I know some of that could have been used for prevention. Just move it from one shell to the other in that financial shell game that gets played in bureaucracies!

  8. Jane,

    Yes, absolutely! Though I will contact some media (probably Monterey County Weekly) and the Hahnnemühle paper company said they’d promote through their website, I’d also welcome any help to promote the fundraising sale of the prints just by word of mouth or maybe through local galleries. These prints would be great for local hotels or businesses or homeowners looking for artwork depicting local landscapes. They’ll be priced reasonably and look great individually or as a series. Hopefully I’ll have it worked out on my site by middle of next week and can start promoting.

    In the meantime, I am hoping the fire is kept at bey.


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