Flare up or Spot Fire Or?

5:00 pm – 2 type 1 tankers and the VLAT working the fire this afternoon. (VLAT = Very Large Air Tanker, often the DC-10 around here.)

And, just to make it interesting, there is a fire back on Pine Canyon Road, west of King City off of Jolon RD, in case we get bored.

4 pm – And from Howard Jones at Sky Ranch on the Carmel Valley side:


From USFS – a burn out operation, but man, the winds are kickin it up here.


3:20 pm – from here:


This is a new smoke plume on the north west side of Rancho San Carlos and the pager called for a full vegetation response with 2 WTs and a full strike team. This is the operations map of that area, zoomed in to show Williams Canyon which is where access is gained.


This is a photo of a plume (possibly this one?) taken by Howard Jones from Las Laureles Grade:



And this is one I just took from my place. This is a different plume, probably from the South Fork burn area. However,  in FRONT of the plume, there is drift smoke coming in from the right, or east of the frame, which is probably the other spot fire or flare up by William’s Canyon. And the white between me and Prewitt Ridge? Fog. It is windy here, but quite chilly for the first week of September.

Processed with Snapseed.
Plume and smoke behind Cone Peak by bigsurkate


Soberanes Fire, Day 44, 9/3/16

I have been trying to get the maps up since 11, but am running into all sorts of technical difficulties. Let me try again. And don’t forget the Community Meeting tonight at 6 pm at the Cachagua Store.


IR Topo Map in PDF


So Ops Map in PDF

And finally, for now, the weather and fire behavior discussions;




A 1960 fire history …

Skee Stanley, formerly of Cachagua Fire, sent me this interesting report on a fire on the edge of Southern Monterey County and Northern San Luis Obispo County back in 1960. Historical perspective is always fascinating to me, and I hope you will find it interesting. I thought this would be a nice time to take a break  from 44 days of reporting on Soberanes, which is over 95,000 acres at the moment. I’ll post my usual fire maps later today. Note the discussion at the end about the Public Information Officer for the Weferling Forest Fire. Thanks, Skee.