Soberanes Fire: The Aftermath

Via Andi Elder, I have been watching the amazing work of this group from Ohio – Christian Aid Ministry – who came out here, self-contained it appears – to help those who lost their homes clean up the rubble. I truly admire them. They exemplify the Christian ethic that others just talk about. They have gotten little recognition for what they do, probably because they don’t seek it. I’d like to offer my heart-felt thanks for what they are doing for our community. Andi … Let us know what we can do for them.

I found where you can donate to this specific fund.

Here is their website: Christian Aid Ministries Rapid Disaster Response


The end of coverage – Soberanes Fire

Many of you are so used to waking up to Bigsurkate in your inbox with maps and commentary that you will miss it – not the fire – just the daily connection with community, and eyewitness accounts, and a place to share the horrors and the triumphs. I will, too. But … even the IMT get rotated out every 14-21 days, and I think I am on my 5th such IMT. I need to go back to center, find my balance, and not spend my life on the Internet for a while. It’s not healthy. I know you are all with me on this. I have loved what we have created here, and I am not “leaving” by any means. I still have our events, our clean up, our winter storms and road closures to cover – not to mention lost and found dogs – , but I will be finding center so I can continue to provide service to our community when needed. I can’t thank all of you enough for the experience which has been like no other … We have shown the world the best that we can be, and thus, by extension, the best that they can be.

There are many people who helped these last 71 days, but two stand out: First, Lucas Ryan who did the maps for me for several weeks when all was hot and heavy. I couldn’t have done it without his help. Second was John Chesnut who did his maps for fun every morning while he had his coffee before he ran off to work. You guys were and are amazing. Thank you, so much.

We have some important community issues we need to address – like how we prevent this from happening again – we can share our experience, others can share theirs, and we can hopefully come to some solutions which will benefit all lovers of the land – near and far – so that we can learn, and teach our children, how to be better stewards of the land we love and which gives us all that we are. We are all about sharing solutions after this remarkable experience. Join us … Blessed be.