Soberanes Fire: The Aftermath

Via Andi Elder, I have been watching the amazing work of this group from Ohio – Christian Aid Ministry – who came out here, self-contained it appears – to help those who lost their homes clean up the rubble. I truly admire them. They exemplify the Christian ethic that others just talk about. They have gotten little recognition for what they do, probably because they don’t seek it. I’d like to offer my heart-felt thanks for what they are doing for our community. Andi … Let us know what we can do for them.

I found where you can donate to this specific fund.

Here is their website: Christian Aid Ministries Rapid Disaster Response


8 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire: The Aftermath

  1. This is wonderful. I believe there are far more incredible people out there than what we read in the news and yes, they can very quiet about their good work: efforts show. Thanks for sharing with all of us too.

  2. Thank you for the information about Christian Aid Ministries. Their website makes it simple to donate. I appreciate the opportunity and will share this info.

  3. Hello Kate!
    Thank You for sharing about the work of CAM in the Big Sur area. From their website: they are a large Amish -Mennonite organization; that has many ministries all over the nation and the world. It is great some them are helping provide relief on the Soberanhes Fire! They put Love into action! They seem like a good organization to donate to!
    Kate, God Bless You and all the Big Sur region!

  4. They are awesome people! Amanda and Danny put them up at Riverside C.G. & C. during the Pfeiffer Ridge fire 12/2013. Really nice people to talk with 🙂

  5. Christian Aid ministries cleared our property on greenridge. Wonderful people who really know what faith and service are all about.

  6. Yes Riverside housed their trailers for a couple of months after the Pfeiffer Fire and they are awesome people. They sing around the campfire at night and their voices would radiate through the campground is such a lovely way. Do you know where they are staying Kate? I would love to pop in and say hi to them. There are no thanks large enough and the gratitude I have for you during yet another fire. You are amazing and even though I did not post I followed your site every day and your reporting was over the top perfect. You reach so many people and that is invaluable. Big Hugs.

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