Soberanes Fire, Day 59, 9/18/16

3:00 pm – Rana Creek Staging Area this am by Howard Jones


11:30 am – I’ve never paid quite such close attention to the winds forecasts as I have been the last two months. Here is John Lindsey of SLOs predictions: “Moderate to fresh (13 to 24 mph) northwesterly winds will develop along the coastline this afternoon, decreasing tonight. Gentle to moderate (8 to 18 mph) west to southwesterly winds are forecast on Monday into Tuesday. Fresh to strong (19 to 31 mph) northwesterly winds are forecast on Wednesday, increasing to strong to gale-force (25 to 38 mph) levels Thursday into Friday, decreasing over the weekend.”

So,  for me, that explains the extensive back burn while winds were favorable, because very soon, they could have really threatened Cachagua, Jamesburg, and Carmel Valley.

10:05 am – from the USFS:

**Update Soberanes Fire**
Current Size: 113,259
Containment: 61%
Personnel: 1,921
Burn out operations were successful on Saturday on the eastern edge of the Soberanes Fire. Burning occurred in the area of Chews Ridge north towards Los Padres Dam. They strategically put fire on the indirect line to prepare the area for any future fire activity. Smoke will be heavy in all areas near Carmel Valley, because of the wind directions.
Evacuation orders have been lifted for Coast Ridge Road from 1.5 miles to the Ventana Inn to the end of Coast Ridge Road at Marble Park, and roads that leave from Coast Ridge Road. Also for Big Sur South Coast Center area and Big Sur Partington Ridge area. All other evacuations orders and warnings remain in effect.
As the fire continues, operations names the number one priority as the safety of our firefighters and public.
Photos are from yesterday taken by, Hugo Patino – Public Information Officer


10:00 am – from John Chesnut: “The Sunday AM (3:50 AM) VIIRS overflight has been posted. Shows some further expansion west and south.
The fire front along the burnout is 12 miles long. Will be interesting to watch how quickly it climbs the shaded north slopes in Miller Canyon.”


8:00 am – here is John Chesnut’s google map of the burn out area:


6:45 am – Here is today’s IR flight map. It was taken at 8 pm last night, and shows an increase of almost 5,000 … Most, if not all, of it on the east side from the ambitious burnout operation undertaken this week. I will add the rest of the maps after I’ve taken care of the doggies.


IR flight map in PDF


Briefing Map in PDF

Now, I’d like to zoom in on Div SS,  as a new “fire line” has been drawn between Rodeo Flats and DP-110. What does a “fire line” mean? Take a look at the topography. I might be missing something, but there doesn’t appear to be any dozer line or hand line,  or any way of putting in either one. How can one stop or start a fire line here? I think I will be making a phone call later this am to see if I can get an explanation.


Div. SS Fire Line in PDF

Here are today’s fire behavior and weather prediction discussions for both sides of the fire: