Soberanes Fire, Day 65, 9/24/16

For those of you on FB, check out Bryan Rhodes’s, Operations Chief, morning report. Very specific and informative. A link will only take you to their page, not the specific video, but scroll down a few posts and you will see it. LPNF FB page

9:30 am – John Chesnut Map:


Again, from J Croft, USFS:

“Looks like the firing operation on the SE corner is going to be very patient & diligent, looking for the right winds and conditions. This will mean periods of limited to no firing, and periods of extensive firing when the opportunities are in their favor. Our daily air quality forecast and any change in health advisory is posted in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Air Resource Board on the California Smoke Blog daily- Thanks again for joining our efforts to reach as many folks as possible and share the information!”

Not much growth yesterday, but I was watching a lot of dark, drift smoke from the interior I just before sunset last night. Here are the usual maps.


IR Topo Map in PDF


Briefing Map in PDF

And after a couple days absent, we have the current fire behavior and weather prediction discussions for both sides of the fire: