Big Sur Community Market

Vanessa Share made up a flyer for this post, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see it or even download it from my email program. Probably on my end, not her’s, but in any event, I took a screen shot from her FB page. It doesn’t say, but usually these take place at the Loma Vista Gardens, 1-6 pm, weather permitting, next door to the Big Sur Bakery.


Rain Report, 10/28/16

9:30 am – been quiet since 9 am, when I glimpsed a lot of blue sky before the clouds closed in on me. Big Sur Station reports 1.4″ of rain, a report of 1.1″ in Seaside Highlands, and another local reports the highway is clear from River Inn to Lucia. So far, so good, but several more storms to go, yet.

7:00 am – I woke at 12:30 am to the sound I had been waiting all day for – the patter of dogs and cats across my roof – or so my rain gauge told me. The rain rate was 1.23″/hour or well past the 1/2″ rate that triggers debris flow – raining cats and dogs is a favorite saying of my rain gauge. I was still up an hour later and noted that we had had that 1/2″. My worry began for my neighbors to the north and to the east, particularly Palo Colorado Canyon.

Eventually, I did get back to sleep and re-woke at 6:30 am. Now, the rain is soft and gentle, and I note no other periods of heavy rainfall while I slept. It is now 1.1″ since midnight. I check the CHP site and see roadway flooding notes all over Monterey County, particularly along highway 101, but none here? Really? Meredith Gafill commented on my post on FB of a problem by Lucia, but it is gone when I check. I will continue to keep an eye out and hope those of you who can will share reports with the rest of us. We have rain predicted on and off through Tuesday, so this could become a very long weekend, particularly near the burn scar of the Soberanes. Be safe, everyone.

Here are the 24 hour totals. Some automatic gauges did not work, thus an “M” for missing.


Waiting for the rain …

11:45 am – the rain has begun. I was at 4.31″ for October before it began. So far, it is gentle.

10:00 am – While waiting, here are a couple eye-openers for us. I get to watch peacefully from my perch, but hopefully, those of you in the threatened areas have all completed your sandbagging and any other last minute preps. Also hoping that this storm is milder than predicted… Keep us posted about conditions where you are in the comments below.


Sandbag Locations & Links

From MoCo Public Works:

Hi Kate,
In case you do not have this information. PW crews were coming today with second 1,000 sandbags. If you did not already have sandbag info links, they are below. All recently updated.


Public Works crews have delivered 2,000 sandbags for those in the Soberanes fire scar. Sandbags are located on Palo Colorado Road at the fire station, the Hoist and Botchers Gap and on Garrapatos Road at the Glen Deven ranch.
There are sandbag stockpile areas throughout the county for those in need.
Public Works Sand Stockpile locations:
Sandbag distribution list:

Flash Flood Watch

This is a notification from Alert Monterey County:

This is an informational message from Monterey County Office of Emergency Services.

A significant weather system is approaching the Central Coast. The National Weather Service has issued a FLASH FLOOD WATCH FOR THE SOBERANES FIRE BURN SCAR AREA, starting Thursday 3 p.m. 10-27-2016 through Friday 7 a.m. 10-28-2016.
There is sufficient moisture with this system that may cause significant inconvenience, and if caution is not exercised, it could lead to situations that may threaten life and/or property.

We strongly suggest you take appropriate precautions or preparations to protect life and property.

For more information go to:


From Dave Allen:


Storm Situation-Thursday to Friday

A potential big storm moving in heads up and plan for potential debris flow
Fire Chief Cheryl Goetz from Mid-Coast Fire Brigade · Palo Colorado Canyon
Showers end this morning in the North Bay. Next focus will be on storm due to arrive Thursday. More rain possible over the weekend.
*Impact 1 (Moderate to heavy rain for burn scar areas) :
•Rain is expected to develop Thursday and may be heavy for a time Thursday evening over the Loma and Soberanes Fire burn scars.
•Rain total forecast (QPF) will be fine tuned over the next few days but potential for 1-4 inches of rain over the highest peaks.
•Persons with property impacted by the fires should take action now to protect against potential debris flows or flash floods.

*Impact 2 (Rain for much of the Bay Area and Central Coast)
· Confidence increasing for rain Thursday through Friday morning that will likely impact the Thursday afternoon commute.

*Impact 3 (South winds):
· South winds from 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph will be possible Thursday into early Friday ahead of the frontal passage.

*Current Watches/Warnings/Advisories:
· No watches/warnings/advisories in effect at this time. Latest Hazardous Weather

· High for rainfall but only low to moderate for exact amounts and locations of rain on Thursday.

· Thursday afternoon into Thursday night for the heaviest rain turning to showers by Friday morning.

· Loma and Soberanes burn scars
Shared with Mid-Coast Fire Brigade in Crime & Safety

Special Events & the Planning Commission

The Monterey County Planning Commission will be having a discussion about special events this Wednesday morning. Attached is a copy of the staff report and the draft Director’s Interpretation.
Comments can be submitted to before Tuesday, 5:00 pm to Jacquelyn Nickerson at and she will distribute to all the Planning Commissioners.

Kathleen Lee
Chief of Staff for
Supervisor Dave Potter
(831) 647-7755


Palo Corona Regional Park Open House

As a continuation of the master planning process for the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD) invites community members to a public meeting to discuss recent events regarding Palo Corona Regional Park. The meeting will be held in the Fiesta Room at the Rancho Cañada Golf Club on Tuesday, October 25 from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) recently acquired one of the properties underlying the Rancho Cañada Golf Course and clubhouse facility with the intent to transfer the property to the MPRPD. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss ideas and concerns with repurposing the existing facilities, additional public uses, habitat restoration and conservation. The meeting will start with an open house format, followed by a brief presentation and then the opportunity for input from those attending.

If you have any questions please contact Rafael Payan at or (831) 372-3196 extension 101. Or contact Steve Noll, Principal DESIGNWORKSHOP, by phone at (775) 588-5929 or email at MPRPD looks forward to your input helping plan the future of this park.

Rancho Cañada Golf Club is located at 4860 Carmel Valley Rd. in Carmel, CA 93923, approximately 1.4 miles east of Highway 1 just past Pacific Meadow Lane.


Upcoming Storm

I’ve already got rain here, despite contrary predictions. Nice that everything is wet, and more seemed to be coming as dawn arrived, before I got enshrouded in clouds, but the big story is the storm this Thursday and Friday.

From NOAA NWS: “The trends seem to indicate that the heaviest rains with the late
week system will be focused somewhere between the Santa Cruz mtns and Santa Barbara county putting the central coast (i.e. Big Sur) potentially in the bullseye for an incoming southwest flow system. The ecmwf has been pretty consistent with this solution for days
now and the latest 06z gfs is more or less in line. Given the trajectory of the incoming low would expect the heavier rains with the late week system for the southern portions of the district most notably the Santa Cruz mtns and Big Sur hills where 1-4 inches may occur with the late week system Thursday into early Friday.”

And from my SLO forecaster: “In Northern California, a slow moving cold front associated
with this trough of low pressure will push southward today spreading rain as far south as Monterey Bay by tonight, before stalling over Big Sur and dissipating on Tuesday.”

Garrapata State Park to remain closed for winter

State Parks Extends Closure to All Park Lands East of Highway 1 in Garrapata SP Due to Impacts from the Soberanes Fire

BIG SUR, Calif. – California State Parks is extending the closure to all Garrapata State Park lands east of Highway 1 through Spring 2017 when the closure will be reevaluated. The closure is for the safety of visitors and to allow the park’s natural resources to heal and infrastructure to be repaired.The park suffered a high intensity burn in July due to the Soberanes Fire with preliminary field reports identifying extreme burn and vegetation clearing, loose soils and severe trail entrenchment. Additionally, downed trees and the loss of trail infrastructure present a clear health and safety issue to visitors and to the natural resources. There is the anticipation that debris flows will be heavy during winter rains.


As of now, the entire Monterey District of the Los Padres National Forest remains closed until further notice. There is a $5000 fine, PER PERSON, for sneaking into the forest when it remains closed.