Waiting for the rain …

11:45 am – the rain has begun. I was at 4.31″ for October before it began. So far, it is gentle.

10:00 am – While waiting, here are a couple eye-openers for us. I get to watch peacefully from my perch, but hopefully, those of you in the threatened areas have all completed your sandbagging and any other last minute preps. Also hoping that this storm is milder than predicted… Keep us posted about conditions where you are in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “Waiting for the rain …

  1. It’s just about noon. I live in Princes Camp below the Los Padres dam in Cachagua. It’s cloudy, warm @74, and no rain, yet.

  2. Kate,

    ..All sleepy here in CVV, one impulse sprinkle < 2 mins long- waiting to be disappointed again from these joker skies.

  3. Lightest fine sprinkle, sun in and out, spectacular skies! not much rain.
    Cat’s asleep in the corner. I’m loaded up with groceries, firewood, great books, some good movies, and a jar of butcher block sealer to apply, in for the duration. The radio’s reporting flash flood warnings for Big Sur since yesterday. We shall see what we shall see. I hope I haven’t over-excited my garden with passing along the predicted forecasts, it’s not nice to tease.

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