Garrapata State Park to remain closed for winter

State Parks Extends Closure to All Park Lands East of Highway 1 in Garrapata SP Due to Impacts from the Soberanes Fire

BIG SUR, Calif. – California State Parks is extending the closure to all Garrapata State Park lands east of Highway 1 through Spring 2017 when the closure will be reevaluated. The closure is for the safety of visitors and to allow the park’s natural resources to heal and infrastructure to be repaired.The park suffered a high intensity burn in July due to the Soberanes Fire with preliminary field reports identifying extreme burn and vegetation clearing, loose soils and severe trail entrenchment. Additionally, downed trees and the loss of trail infrastructure present a clear health and safety issue to visitors and to the natural resources. There is the anticipation that debris flows will be heavy during winter rains.


As of now, the entire Monterey District of the Los Padres National Forest remains closed until further notice. There is a $5000 fine, PER PERSON, for sneaking into the forest when it remains closed.


2 thoughts on “Garrapata State Park to remain closed for winter

  1. I hope people are respectful and leave it in peace to renew as best possible.

  2. This gave us much sadness to see the damage following the fire but nature has to be resilient and has it’s methods of renewal. Human intervention is obviously destructive and useless. Leave well alone.

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