Evacuation Warning Expanded

Soberanes Fire

Los Padres National Forest
September 5, 2016


CONTACT: Fire Information Phone (831)204-0446
RELEASE DATE: September 5, 2016
TIME: 1800


An evacuation WARNING along the Pacific Coast Highway has been expanded to include an area south of Anderson Canyon effective 6 p.m. on Monday, September 5, 2016.

The new evacuation warning includes the Big Sur-Partington/South Coast Center Area and applies to all residents and businesses east of Highway 1 starting at the intersection of Highway 1 and Grimes Canyon, extending south to the intersection of Highway 1 and Dolan Canyon. This area is bounded to the east by North Coast Ridge Road and includes all residents and businesses on Dolan Ridge Road.

An evacuation warning is a precautionary notice that an evacuation order may become necessary if the threat increases.

The new warning is due to warmer, drier weather that has increased fire activity on the east side of North Coast Ridge Road.

All residents under a warning should prepare to leave the area. Be sure to take any medications, pets, important documents, and family valuables if asked to leave. Close all windows and doors before leaving.


Soberanes Fire, Day 46, 9/5/16

Have had company all afternoon, and continue to do so, so while I will check in before bed, I am taking the evening off.


7:45 pm – a wonderful photo from Pilot Bill taken at 7500 feet at 1640 hours this afternoon:


10:00 am – here is another photo of Saturday’s plume by Ana (Alva) Sargenti from her house on CVR:


9:30 am – here is John Chesnut’s map:


I don’t like that isolated little finger there directly east of McWay Rocks. Also, the weather and fire behavior predictions are warning of the potential to push toward The Coast Ridge containment lines. Not a happy thought. It does mean that the fire is less likely to reach Tassajara Zen Center, though. We will just have to watch the winds for the next few days.

7:00 am – here are today’s maps:


IR Topo Map in PDF

Soberanes and Chimney Fires are now only 35 miles apart, while Chimney isn’t growing anymore, Soberanes continues to do so. And here are the daily fire behavior and weather predictions for today:


5 am – Good morning! (I know, it is way too early) As of the latest IR Map, which was flown last night at 8:41 pm, this fire is now up over 100,000 acres – 100,428 per the map (which I will post later this morning) for an increase of approximately 2,000 acres on Sunday.

From the USFS Alaskan IMT – Here are some highlights from Sunday evening’s #SoberanesFire planning meeting.

• There were no spot fires reported across the Coast Ridge Road on Sunday.
• Expected north/northeast winds on Monday should slow the spread of fire toward the Tassajara Zen Center. (BSK note: doesn’t appear to have gotten any closer on Sunday. Dare we hope the fire with bypass the Center this time around?)
• A warming and drying trend is expected to begin Tuesday with temperatures over most of the fire ranging from the mid-80s to mid-90s through at least Friday, with little or no relative humidity recovery.
• Fire is now established in the North Big Sur, Willow Creek and Zigzag Creek drainages.
• There was active fire spread in the Pick Creek and Willow Creek drainages and in the vicinity of Black Cone Mountain, though it was much reduced in that area after a run to the ridge on Saturday.
• The fire has not crossed the Willow Creek drainage.
• Active fire above the Carmel River on the east side of the fire continues to decline with little significant movement noted in recent infrared flights.
• The Burned Area Emergency Response team from the U.S. Forest Service has completed its initial assessment in the northern portion of the fire and a preliminary Soil Burned Severity Plan should be completed by Wednesday.
• Quote of the Day: “The fire flexed its muscles last night and will continue to do so when conditions are right, and we will respond accordingly.” – Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team Incident Commander Tom Kurth about Saturday night’s flare up that resulted in a 2,700-acre increase.

Okay, that’s it. Back at a decent hour with the usual maps and notes.