Celebrating Fall

I know it is fall as I keep having to get my down comforter out one day, and put away the next – imageEver changing between an Indian Summer, and a crisp fall day.


~ by bigsurkate on October 1, 2016.

10 Responses to “Celebrating Fall”

  1. Looks like the trees are on fire!
    (oops, just kidding)


  2. Loma Fire 66%, Soberanes Fire 92% containment.



    Ag industry has monthly/yearly hydrology usage accounts- Do PIO-s have an update on water use on dowsing these wildfires?


  3. Andrew, I’m not sure they keep track of that sort of thing. Lots of the water came out of the ocean, some out of ponds and creeks, and then the amounts from the WT and the “pumpkins” would be somewhat easier to track. It’s got to be in the millions of gallons. I’m sure the ground was happy to get it so it can support new growth. Now let’s hope the early rains are gentle rains.



  4. Gorgeous shot of a marvelous scene! Glad to see things calming down a tad.


  5. Falling sprinkles in the village for Autumn 15 mins ago. I hope the rest of the community gets to celebrate this little inner peace of nature w/o lightning.


  6. Local containment on fires Loma 81%, Soberanes 94%.


  7. “Soberanes Fire lines hold up against high winds, blaze moves closer to containment status”



  8. It is so good to see this figure of containment! Congrats! I have a question, what does the word “containment” mean, does it mean to say no more spot fires, etc?


  9. Jane, as I understand it, it means the lines over which the fire will not cross has been “wind-tested” and passed – no fire crossed over. There was a big wind event on Monday and the lines held, so we are now up to 95%.



  10. I am just so happy for all of you, I know a LOT of work ahead but my goodness, you’ve come such a very long, hard way. So grateful to everyone there! Thanks for explaining it more.


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