Fall weather

3:00 – the sun has come out several times this afternoon, making my solar panels happy, then the rain has come, then the sun, then the rain. What a glorious dance we are doing today. The garden is smiling!

11:00 am update – WOW! Major storm up here! Heavy, heavy downpour, thunder and lightning right on top of me. Hail, amazing. One dog, Dakota, needs Rescue Remedy, and I have none. Even I am getting nervous. This is right on top of me. Oh, the joys of living on top of a mountain! All hell broke loose for the last 20 minutes (it is 11:20), but hoping it settles down. During one simultaneous strike and thunder, I yelled, “Holy sh*#” and scared my dogs even more. Now all four need the rescue remedy – an herbal calming recipe. First storm of the season is definitely exciting!

9:00 am – Fall arrived for me yesterday, when I took my winter comforter out of storage and put it on my bed and closed all the windows. The evening chill is here.

Today, clouds cover the sky, I woke to dampness on the deck, although no rain in the gauge, and at 9 am, thunder started. It is a deep, distant rumbling. I am hoping that if it gets closer, the rain will accompany it, so we don’t have a late lightning-sparked fire. My sweater is almost enough to take the chill off … a good thing, as my wood stove is apart, getting its yearly cleaning.

Every season is my favorite, when it first begins. I have tired of the heat and wearied of the dust, and thus, welcome fall with the joy of a change.

All the dogs, who have spent their days outside for months, decided today was an indoor day. They will add heat to a slightly chilly cottage. I will be keeping my eyes on the skies, as this thunder continues, but today and tomorrow, my dwindling appellate practice needs attention. It is winding down as the days of my retirement approach. A good day to be in my office! (BTW, the thunder has kept up for the last 1/2 hour.

Fall is here

Fall has definitely arrived, even though we never really had a summer. Big Sur Valley, Clear Ridge, and town all reported light rain this morning, and I woke to the inside of a cloud, up here.

There is drip under the trees, but no real rain at my location, although in Big Sur Valley one could hear the rain on the roof. Temperature is 56 degrees currently. At least we’re not in Texas, where reports from friends indicate hurricane conditions, or Colorado where a wildfire is ripping through homes.

My, it sure does seem peaceful up here!

12:30 pm Reports of significant rain in some Big Sur locations this afternoon. Here, it got a tad brighter and for a while, I thought the sun was going to come out. Not so.