And it is raining, again!

Yesterday, I ended the day with .40 of an inch, and today, around 4 o’clock, it started up again. Dogs and cats are inside, we are settled down for the night, and hoping I have enough battery power left in my solar system to run a light and a tv, later, when the one signal from Bakersfield starts coming in, again – usually around 7 pm or so. I have had so much sun all the time since I got my system in late spring, I have no idea how long the system will last with no sun. I got none today, but yesterday, it came in and out, so I haven’t a clue … Nor do I know how to read my fancy-smancy system to know how much battery power I have left, so will just be judicious in my use of power tonight. That’s now on my list of things to learn – my system, and how to read it!

I missed the sound of a gentle rain on my roof – the sweaters and cuddling under the down – the sound of a fire crackling and spitting at me. I have missed the smell of wet earth, and the silence that lies under the sound of rain. I have missed the sounds and smells of fall and winter, and the slower, quieter pace that comes with the shortness of days. It is good to have it back.

BTW, bigsurdeb notified me there was an error on the viaduct project website, of which I then notified Cal Trans. Hopefully, it has been corrected, but the current overnight closures are still scheduled to begin Sunday, October 14th at 9 pm.