Flare up or Spot Fire Or?

5:00 pm – 2 type 1 tankers and the VLAT working the fire this afternoon. (VLAT = Very Large Air Tanker, often the DC-10 around here.)

And, just to make it interesting, there is a fire back on Pine Canyon Road, west of King City off of Jolon RD, in case we get bored.

4 pm – And from Howard Jones at Sky Ranch on the Carmel Valley side:


From USFS – a burn out operation, but man, the winds are kickin it up here.


3:20 pm – from here:


This is a new smoke plume on the north west side of Rancho San Carlos and the pager called for a full vegetation response with 2 WTs and a full strike team. This is the operations map of that area, zoomed in to show Williams Canyon which is where access is gained.


This is a photo of a plume (possibly this one?) taken by Howard Jones from Las Laureles Grade:



And this is one I just took from my place. This is a different plume, probably from the South Fork burn area. However,  in FRONT of the plume, there is drift smoke coming in from the right, or east of the frame, which is probably the other spot fire or flare up by William’s Canyon. And the white between me and Prewitt Ridge? Fog. It is windy here, but quite chilly for the first week of September.

Processed with Snapseed.
Plume and smoke behind Cone Peak by bigsurkate


9 thoughts on “Flare up or Spot Fire Or?

  1. I just saw this myself at 1500 going to the village over the grade. Yikes. I hope things are under control there soon if not arleady. Thank You Kate for all of the energy and caring you put in to keeping everyone safe and informed.

  2. Thank you for keeping us all informed. I have so many friends in the area that are affected by this fire. Keep up the good work. So very grateful for you and all the time you are spending! Here’s to a great interview!!!

  3. Good pictures. Very informative post to reiterate for all that might have forgotten the fire is still chomping away at vegetation in the Wilderness.

  4. The plume behind White Rock has now dissipated. Makes me think it might have been backfiring or the work of incredible strike teams.
    Does anyone know if there are links for the meeting at the Cachagua General Store tonight? A few of the community meetings have been recorded and available (Big Sur once and Cachagua once).
    Aletha Parker

  5. Out of sight, out of mind for most folks now. I know the danger that still exists. Vlats dot come unless there’s danger. I just don’t just the forest service to manage this correctly.

  6. Based on my experience with the initial phase Tassajara Fire last year, fuels are burning with such intensity, that any prediction, on any given day makes “managing” this fire a significant challenge.

  7. Add in the steep and difficult terrain and the erratic winds, and managing any of our fires becomes more than just difficult – they are extremely complex.


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